Prepared for the Next Crisis? The Costs and Benefits of Financial Regulation

Conference dates

11 Nov 2019 - 12 Nov 2019


Norges Bank, Oslo


The global financial crisis precipitated a wave of regulatory reform to enhance the resilience of financial systems. A decade later, there is now debate about whether more, less or different regulation is needed going forward. A detailed understanding of the effectiveness, transmission as well as the intended and unintended effects of regulatory policies is therefore crucial in order to properly understand the costs and benefits of alternative regulatory regimes so as to inform both the public debate and policy making.

This 1.5 day workshop aims to bring together academics and policy makers working on issues related to financial regulation. We especially encourage submissions of empirical research underpinned by microdata. The workshop will focus on high-quality research on the assessment of financial regulation and policy, with a particular but not exclusive interest in the following areas:

• Capital and liquidity requirements and the impact on bank behavior
• The nature and regulation of systemic risk
• Evidence on the intended and unintended consequences of financial regulation
• Substitution and complementarity between bank and market finance
• The effects of non-bank financial regulation in financial systems
• Governance responses to financial regulation at financial institutions
• Shadow bank responses to bank regulation
• Changes in competition, structure, and conduct of financial systems across jurisdictions
• The interdependence of politics, policy-making, and regulation
• The impact of financial regulation on households and firms
• International coordination on financial regulation

We are happy and honored to announce a keynote speech by Eric Rosengren.

Scientific Committee: Angela Maddaloni (ECB), Diana Bonfim (Banco de Portugal), Diane Pierret (HEC Lausanne), Emanuel Moench (Bundesbank), Judit Temesvary (Board), Klaus Schaeck (U. of Bristol), Lamont Black (DePaul), Mariassunta Giannetti (Stockholm School of Economics), Plamen Nenov (BI Norwegian Business School), Marie Hoerova (ECB), Michael Weber (Booth), Charlotte Ostergaard (BI Norwegian Business School), Wayne Passmore (Board), Bob DeYoung (U. of Kansas)

Local committee: Scott Frame, Ragnar Juelsrud, Michael Koetter, Kasper Roszbach and Bent Vale

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: Friday 28 June 2019. Complete manuscripts (in PDF format) should be submitted using our online submission page at: . Travel expenses are covered for presenters and discussants not employed in a central bank. The workshop is organized by Norges Bank and the International Banking, Economics and Finance Association (IBEFA).