The Role and Effectiveness of Financial Regulation---The George G. Kaufman Financial Policy Center

Conference date

02 Dec 2022


Loyola University Chicago, Water Tower Campus, Lewis Towers, Regents Hall, 111 East Pearson Street, Chicago, IL,


The George G. Kaufman Center for Financial and Policy Studies was introduced in 2022 to evaluate and contribute to the debate concerning current policy issues associated with the financial services industry. Thanks to a generous gift, the center was created to honor the role of Professor Kaufman in financial sector policy research over the past 50 years, and to continue his legacy by encouraging a critical review of public policy options going forward.

Please join us in-person on Friday, December 2 when the Center will hold its inaugural event: a conference to bring together researchers, policy makers, and financial industry executives to review and discuss relevant policy issues affecting the financial services sector. The event will feature a keynote presentation by Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago President and Chief Executive Officer, Charles L. Evans. President Evans has been actively involved in the Federal Reserve System policymaking process over the past 30 years and is an ideal choice to address this audience.

Also featured will be a luncheon presentation by newly appointed Quinlan School of Business Dean Michael Behnam at which he will offer his vision for the business school.

Research presentations will cover three areas:

-Issues associated with bank capital regulation—the regulatory policy tool of choice for risk management purposes.

-The extent of ‘bank uniqueness’ in the financial services industry and the implications for market discipline, moral hazard and industry competition.

-The use of supervisory and rule-making tools to achieve specific social goals in the financial services industry.
The research, while backed by rigorous analysis, will be presented for a broader audience with an emphasis on the implications for public policy. Time will be allocated for critical review by fellow researchers and by the broader audience during the Q&A sessions.

Additional information concerning the program, registration, etc., can be found at:

We hope you can join us!