$25,000 Brandes Center Prize


Current graduate/post-graduate students AND professors may submit original, unpublished and not-yet-accepted-for-publication research on:

1. What are the most insidious behavioral biases when investing (for individuals and/or groups) and what are practical approaches to counter—or exploit—these biases?
2. Applying Benjamin Graham-based principles to solve a current problem for investors.
3. ESG and value investing: challenges and opportunities.
4. The effects of macroeconomic shocks such as higher inflation or Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on value investing.
5. Active and passive investing: What are potential effects on price discovery? What is the best way to build a portfolio? What about value vs. growth index construction methodology?
6. Quality stocks: definition, performance, risks and potential?

* Each paper must include an abstract that summarizes the issue, methodology and solution in 500 words or fewer.
* Each paper will be reviewed by members of The Brandes Center. Winning entries will be selected by members of The Brandes Center Advisory Board, Executive Committee and/or Faculty Council who volunteer as judges.
* COMPENSATION FOR WINNER(S): The Brandes Center will recognize TWO, winning papers (one by a professor or professors AND one by grad or post-grad students) attending and/or teaching at an accredited university.

The winning entries will split:

A $25,000 total award pool (the split to be determined by the judges). The minimum prize for either winner(s) will be $5,000. The maximum prize for either winner will be $20,000. Prize money sponsored by Brandes Investment Partners, L.P.

Deadline: March 31, 2023
Submit entries to: rpschmidt@ucsd.edu