2023 NC State University Risk Governance Research Symposium

Conference dates

17 May 2023 - 18 May 2023


Raleigh, North Carolina


Call for Papers:
The 2023 NC State University Risk Governance Research Symposium will feature working papers focused on important enterprise-wide risk governance issues to help advance enterprise-wide risk management practices and their integration with strategic planning and governance. Papers may come from a variety of disciplines and perspectives, and may be theoretical, archival or experimental in nature. Examples of topics might include:

-Designing and implementing value-enhancing risk governance practices for complex, global organizations facing rapidly evolving risks.
-Integrating risk governance practices with emerging expectations related to environmental, social, and governance issues, including expanding expectations related to climate-related risk disclosures.
-Leveraging technology and analytical tools to develop real-time risk monitoring metrics.
-Incorporating risk management components into executive incentive compensation plans.
-Exploring behavioral challenges that impact effective risk governance.
-Enhancing board risk oversight and governance.
-Understanding the role and impact of public policy and regulation over risk governance practices.
-Building collaborative networks of multiple players critical to robust risk governance.

Paper Submission Details:
Please send a PDF version of your working paper by February 15, 2023 to RiskGovSymposium@ncsu.edu. Paper selections will be made by March 15, 2023.

Submit any questions about the Symposium to RiskGovSymposium@ncsu.edu or contact 919.513.0901.

Additional Information

Dates: May 17-18, 2023

Location: Vaughan Towers in the Carter-Finley Football Stadium, NC State University

Focus: The rapid pace and complexities of the global business environment continually trigger an unending range of potential risks that can significantly impact an organization’s strategic success. Risks of all types can emerge, prompting the need for a multi-faceted approach to risk management. Effective enterprise-wide risk governance is impacted by a network of players both external and internal to the organization and who represent multiple points of view. Thus, submissions from different scholarly disciplines are encouraged.

Symposium Organizers:
Nathan Goldman, Associate Professor, Poole College of Management, NC State
Rob Whited, Associate Professor, Poole College of Management, NC State

Format: The Symposium will consist of four research sessions centered around a keynote presentation from a risk management leader in practice. Each research session will feature a research working paper on an emerging risk governance issue to be presented by one of the paper co-authors. Additionally, each research session will include a risk governance practitioner who will expand on the research topic by providing real-world perspectives about challenges and opportunities organizations face in their risk governance efforts. Audience discussion will be a core part of each session.

The first day will conclude with a keynote speaker who will provide insights from practice about risk governance, with a focus on pinpointing issues that would benefit from future scholarly research.