Fintech Chair. 3rd Call for Research Projects 2022


The Fintech Chair at Paris-Dauphine University-PSL, created with the support of Mazars and CACIB, aims through expert mornings, round tables and annual conferences worldwide, to bring together academic specialists and professionals, to discuss the theme of digital finance.

The Fintech Chair is launching its second call for research projects. It is aimed at the entire academic community without any restrictions in terms of disciplines or in terms of methodology. Every year, at least 4 research projects are selected and receive support of up to EUR 10,000.

The funded projects will focus on themes considered as priorities by the Steering Committee of the Chair with a particular focus on Fintech and Sustainable finance. By submitting an application, the project promoters undertake, if they are selected and at the end of their work, to produce a document published in the working papers or note series of the Chair Fintech. Selected projects must mention the support of the Chair. The deadline for the submission of applications to this first call for research projects of the Fintech Chair is June 30th, 2022.

Themes of the 2022 call for Research Project

• CSR on all aspects, including economic, social, and not only energy consumption
• Blockchain and the future of Corporate and Investment Banking
• Big Data and AI and modelling of CSR data and taxonomy
• Decentralized Finance

The selection process


Projects conducted by researchers (who have already obtained a doctorate) are eligible, regardless of nationality, place of practice or discipline. Applications must be sent by email to []. Each application will consist of the following elements:
- a title,
- a summary (half a page),
- a methodology and calendar page,
- the list of participants and the financing needs of the project with details of the different type of expenses,
- some contextual elements that can help to evaluate the project (does the project have already started, is it based on particular studies or experiments?),
- the CV of the project leader.


The members of the scientific committee of the Fintech Chair, as well as the founding partners, will evaluate the applications depending on the adequacy of the project with the themes of the call for projects, the scientific excellence of the project and its feasibility. The quality of the team involved and the innovative dimension of the project are included in the selection criteria.


June 30th 2022 at midnight (Paris time): Closing of the call for projects
Mid - July 2022: Announcement of selected projects
June 2023: Sharing the conclusions of each project

Members of the Scientific Committee of the Fintech Chair

Herve Alexandre, Professor, Paris-Dauphine University - PSL
Louis Bertucci, Phd, Institut Louis Bachelier, Berkeley University
Gilles Chemla, Research Director at the CNRS, Paris-Dauphine University - PSL, Imperial College
Fabrice Riva, Professor, Paris-Dauphine University - PSL