2022 Monash University Finance Doctoral Information Session


The doctoral program in the Department of Banking and Finance at Monash University consists of a two-year Master of Commerce (MCom) program plus a three-year PhD program.

The MCom program offers a thorough academic grounding in asset pricing, corporate finance, financial intermediation, and behavioural finance. It provides the skills required to undertake original research, such as econometrics, coding, and academic writing and presenting. Students develop a research proposal and write a research thesis, under the guidance of at least two supervisors who are experts in the chosen areas.

Upon successful completion of the MCom program, students will progress to our PhD program, working on their doctoral thesis under the supervision of their PhD supervisors.

The Finance doctoral program provides students with the opportunities to conduct original research and make significant contributions to the current knowledge of financial markets and institutions. The knowledge, skills, and opportunities in the MCom and PhD program prepare graduates for a research career in reputable universities and research institutions around the world.

Additional Information

On Wednesday 20 July 2022, the Department of Banking and Finance will hold an online information session. The session aims to facilitate a better understanding of the doctoral program among potential applicants and will be presented by several faculty members. Issues that will be covered during the session include:
• The structure of the doctoral program.
• The support the department provides to the candidates (e.g., scholarships, conference reimbursement, data purchase allowance).
• The research areas and publications of the department’s faculty members.
• Experience and feedback from recent graduates.
• The application procedure and Q&A.

To assist candidates from different time zones to join the session, we will be presenting two information sessions.
Session 1: Wednesday 20 July 2022 11 am Melbourne time (for example, 9 am in China and Singapore, 6 pm in Los Angeles and 9 pm in New York).
Session 2: Wednesday 20 July 2022 9 pm Melbourne time (for example, 4.30 pm in India, 12 pm in the UK and 1 pm in Germany).


Contact: Please direct all questions to Dr Ying Dou (ying.dou@monash.edu) with Monash University MCom Information Session in the subject line.