Online Registration is Open for 9th Annual Conference on Financial Market Regulation (CFMR 2022)

Conference date

06 May 2022


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Call for Participation - CFMR 2022
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The SEC’s Division of Economic and Risk Analysis (DERA), Lehigh University’s Center for Financial Services (CFS), University of Maryland’s Center for Financial Policy (CFP), and CFA Institute will jointly host the virtual CFMR 2022 on Friday, May 6, 2022. The goal of the conference is to bring together participants for an exchange of views on topics of relevance to the Commission. The conference is virtual and there is no fee to attend.

SEC Chief Economist Jessica Wachter will open the conference at 9 am followed by remarks by SEC Chair Gary Gensler. SEC Commissioner Allison Herren Lee will give the keynote this year at 1 pm.

The following papers will be presented and discussed:
Bruce Carlin (Rice University), Tarik Umar (Rice University), Hanyi (Livia) Yi (Boston College)

"Monetary Policy and the Run Risk of Loan Funds"
Nicola Cetorelli (Federal Reserve Bank of New York), Gabriele La Spada (Federal Reserve Bank of New York), Joao Santos (Federal Reserve Bank of New York)

"Squeezing Shorts Through Social Media Platforms"
Franklin Allen (Imperial College), Marlene Haas (Independent Scholar), Eric Nowak (Universita della Svizzera italiana and Swiss Finance Institute), Matteo Pirovano, (Universita della Svizzera italiana and Swiss Finance Institute), Angel Tengulov (University of Kansas)

"The Market Inside the Market: Odd-lot Quotes"
Robert Bartlett (University of California, Berkeley), Justin McCrary (Columbia University), Maureen O’Hara (Cornell University)

"Index Providers: Whales Behind the Scenes of ETFs"
Yu An (Johns Hopkins University), Matteo Benetton (University of California, Berkeley), Yang Song (University of Washington)

"The Consequences of Fund-level Liquidity Requirements"
Indraneel Chakraborty (University of Miami), Elia Ferracuti (Duke University), John Heater (Duke University), Matthew Phillips (University of Miami)

"Does Socially Responsible Investing Change Firm Behavior?"
Davidson Heath, (University of Utah), Daniele Macciocchi, (University of Miami), Roni Michaely, (University of Hong Kong), Matthew Ringgenberg, (University of Utah)

"Everlasting Fraud"
Vivian Fang (University of Minnesota), Nan Li (University of Minnesota), Wenyu Wang (Indiana University), Gaoqing Zhang (University of Minnesota)

Conference Organizers: Kathleen Weiss Hanley (Lehigh University), Amy Edwards (SEC), Vlad Ivanov (SEC), Russ Wermers (University of Maryland), and Bristol Voss (CFA Institute)