Review of Financial Economics Special Issue: Anomalies vs. Factors: The Ongoing Debate


Review of Financial Economics Special Issue: Anomalies vs. Factors: The Ongoing Debate

Guest Editor: Avanidhar (Subra) Subrahmanyam,

Distinguished Professor of Finance, Goldyne and Irwin Hearsh Chair in Money and Banking, UCLA

Understanding the cross-section of asset returns is of fundamental importance. Of late, there has been an explosion of work on this topic. One line of research focuses on the multidimensionality of predictability with myriad characteristics, and another considers whether a parsimonious set of factors suffices to explain the cross-section. A third applies techniques (e.g., Bayesian approaches) that go beyond regression models to select factors. A fourth considers the cross-section of assets other than equities (e.g., corporate bonds). Yet a fifth considers whether a compact set of economic and/or behavioral forces helps us capture why the cross-section behaves the way it does. There is a growing need to build upon all these approaches and to see how they fit together to advance our comprehension of this important topic. We welcome papers on all of the preceding issues. Particularly appreciated are controversial papers that are unlucky in the standard review process because they "tread on toes" or because they use non-standard techniques.

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