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Innovation Research & Policy Network eJournal Taxonomy

IRPN Subject Matter eJournals
      Innovation Areas eJournals
            Development of Innovation eJournal subscribe_fee
                  IRPN: Innovation Processes (Topic)
                  IRPN: Innovation Strategy (Topic)
                  IRPN: Models of Innovation Development (Topic)
                  IRPN: Other Development of Innovation (Topic)
                  IRPN: Product Development Processes (Topic)
                  IRPN: Product Development Strategy & Organization (Topic)
                  IRPN: Technology Transfer (Topic)
            Diffusion of Innovation eJournal subscribe_fee
                  IRPN: Diffusion Channels (Topic)
                  IRPN: Institutional, Social & Economic Influences on Diffusion (Topic)
                  IRPN: Models of Diffusion (Topic)
                  IRPN: Other Diffusion of Innovation (Topic)
            Economic & Social Impacts of Innovation eJournal subscribe_fee
            Environment for Innovation eJournal subscribe_fee
                  IRPN: Innovation & Entrepreneurship (Topic)
                  IRPN: Innovation Policy Studies (Topic)
                        IRPN: Competition Policy (Sub-Topic)
                        IRPN: Governance (Sub-Topic)
                        IRPN: Innovation Subsidies (Sub-Topic)
                        IRPN: Intellectual Property (Including GPL, etc.) (Sub-Topic)
                        IRPN: Open Commons (Including GPL, etc.) (Sub-Topic)
                  IRPN: Innovation Systems (Topic)
                        IRPN: International Linkages (Sub-Topic)
                        IRPN: Local Innovation Systems (Sub-Topic)
                        IRPN: National Innovation Systems (Sub-Topic)
                        IRPN: Regional Innovation Systems (Sub-Topic)
                  IRPN: Innovation-Related Capital (Topic)
                        IRPN: Human Capital & Innovation (Sub-Topic)
                        IRPN: Knowledge Capital & Innovation (Sub-Topic)
                        IRPN: Physical Capital & Innovation (Sub-Topic)
                  IRPN: Other Environment for Innovation (Topic)
            Innovation in Legal Education eJournal subscribe_fee
            Innovation Measurement & Indicators eJournal subscribe_fee
            Sources of Innovation eJournal subscribe_fee
                  IRPN: Innovation Networks (Topic)
                  IRPN: Open Collaborative Innovation (Topic)
                  IRPN: Other Sources of Innovation (Topic)
                  IRPN: Producer Innovation (Topic)
                        IRPN: Incumbent Versus Entrant (Sub-Topic)
                        IRPN: Modes of Producer Innovation (Sub-Topic)
                  IRPN: User Innovation (Topic)
                        IRPN: Collaborative User Innovation (Sub-Topic)
                        IRPN: Users as Entrepreneurs (Sub-Topic)
      Innovation Disciplines eJournals
            Cyberspace Law eJournal subscribe_fee
            Economics of Innovation eJournal subscribe_fee
                  IRPN: Innovation & Agricultural Economics (Topic)
                  IRPN: Innovation & Behavioral Economics (Topic)
                  IRPN: Innovation & Development Economics (Topic)
                  IRPN: Innovation & Econometrics (Topic)
                  IRPN: Innovation & Economic Growth (Topic)
                  IRPN: Innovation & Economic History (Topic)
                  IRPN: Innovation & Environmental Economics (Topic)
                  IRPN: Innovation & History of Economic Thought (Topic)
                  IRPN: Innovation & Industrial Organization (Topic)
                  IRPN: Innovation & Institutional Economics (Topic)
                  IRPN: Innovation & International Economics (Topic)
                  IRPN: Innovation & Labor Economics (Topic)
                  IRPN: Innovation & Macroeconomics (Topic)
                  IRPN: Innovation & Microeconomics (Topic)
                  IRPN: Innovation & Organizational Economics (Topic)
                  IRPN: Innovation & Public Economics (Topic)
                  IRPN: Other Economics of Innovation (Topic)
            Innovation & Geography eJournal subscribe_fee
                  IRPN: Anthropology & Cultural Studies Innovation (Topic)
                  IRPN: Other Innovation & Geography (Topic)
                  IRPN: Political Science of Innovation (Topic)
                  IRPN: Science Studies (Topic)
                  IRPN: Science, Engineering & Innovation (Topic)
            Innovation & Management Science eJournal subscribe_fee
                  IRPN: Innovation & Information Management (Topic)
                  IRPN: Innovation & Marketing (Topic)
                  IRPN: Innovation & Operations (Topic)
                  IRPN: Innovation & Product Development (Topic)
                  IRPN: Other Innovation & Management Science (Topic)
            Innovation Finance & Accounting eJournal subscribe_fee
                  IRPN: Innovation & Accounting (Topic)
                  IRPN: Innovation & Finance (Topic)
                  IRPN: Other Innovation Finance & Accounting (Topic)
            Innovation Law & Policy eJournal subscribe_fee
                  IRPN: Innovation & Biolaw & Policy (Topic)
                  IRPN: Innovation & Cyberlaw & Policy (Topic)
                  IRPN: Innovation & Employment Law & Policy (Topic)
                  IRPN: Innovation & Health Law & Policy (Topic)
                  IRPN: Innovation & Intellectual Property Law & Policy (Topic)
                        IRPN: Innovation & Copyright Law & Policy (Sub-Topic)
                        IRPN: Innovation & International Intellectual Property Law & Policy (Sub-Topic)
                        IRPN: Innovation & Other Intellectual Property Law & Policy (Sub-Topic)
                        IRPN: Innovation & Patent Law & Policy (Sub-Topic)
                  IRPN: Innovation & Privacy Law & Policy (Topic)
                  IRPN: Innovation & Product Safety Law & Policy (Topic)
                  IRPN: Innovation & Regulatory Law & Policy (Topic)
                        IRPN: Innovation & Antitrust Law & Policy (Sub-Topic)
                        IRPN: Innovation & Food & Drug Law & Policy (Sub-Topic)
                        IRPN: Innovation & Securities Law & Policy (Sub-Topic)
                        IRPN: Innovation & Telecommunications Law & Policy (Sub-Topic)
                  IRPN: Other Innovation & Law & Policy (Topic)
            Intellectual Property: Patent Law eJournal subscribe_fee
            Management of Innovation eJournal subscribe_fee
                  IRPN: Innovation & Human Resource Management (Topic)
                  IRPN: Innovation & International Management (Topic)
                  IRPN: Innovation & Leadership (Topic)
                  IRPN: Innovation & Organizational Behavior (Topic)
                  IRPN: Innovation & Strategy (Topic)
                  IRPN: Innovation Management (Topic)
                  IRPN: Other Management of Innovation (Topic)
            Psychology of Innovation eJournal subscribe_fee
                  IRPN: Innovation & Cognitive Science (Topic)
                  IRPN: Innovation & Personality (Topic)
                  IRPN: Innovation & Social Psychology (Topic)
                  IRPN: Other Psychology of Innovation (Topic)
            Sociology of Innovation eJournal subscribe_fee
                  IRPN: Innovation & Deviance (Topic)
                  IRPN: Innovation & Gender (Topic)
                  IRPN: Innovation & Networks (Topic)
                  IRPN: Innovation & Social Change (Topic)
                  IRPN: Innovation & Social Differences (Topic)
                  IRPN: Innovation & Stratification (Topic)
                  IRPN: Other Sociology of Innovation (Topic)
                  IRPN: Sociology of Knowledge & Innovation (Topic)
                  IRPN: Sociology of Science & Innovation (Topic)
      Innovation Educator: Courses, Cases & Teaching eJournal subscribe_fee
      Innovation Practice eJournal subscribe_fee
      Innovation Research & Policy Negative Results eJournal subscribe_fee
      Other Innovation Research & Policy eJournal subscribe_fee