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Feature the research your institution produces or sponsors with SSRN’s Research Paper Series. We’ll work with you to assemble your organizationally branded research as an eJournal and make it accessible to our community of users. We define research broadly: PPTs, infographics, case studies, white papers, proceedings, and working papers.

You have control over the branding and frequency of publication. When your eJournal launches, we’ll alert our user community and invite them to subscribe to your eJournal at no cost. And, of course, we welcome your stakeholders to the eJournal as you advise. If a submission has interdisciplinary application, we’ll leverage that submission by interfiling it with other topic-specific eJournals created by our SSRN editors.

Most importantly, we provide qualitative and quantitative metrics that go far beyond downloads and citations. We issue a regular report that tracks the institutions that are viewing and downloading your research (research institutions, corporations, government departments, and NGOs). Metrics that monitor the dissemination of your research via social media, blogs, and news sources are also featured.

Lastly, it’s affordable – a small investment to better understand how your sponsored research may be impacting public and social policy locally, nationally, and internationally. Costs are based on the number of annual submissions.

For more details, questions or pricing, please contact Brian St. Germain, Director of Business Development, at bstgermain@ssrn.com.

International Business & Management Research Network Research Paper Series

MRN International Business & Management Network
      INTL Conferences & Meetings
            1st International Conference on Business, Management & Social Sciences (ICBMASS 2021) (Archive)
            Global Conference on Innovations in Management & Business (GCIMB 2021) subscribe_free
            International Business & Economy Conferences (IBEC)
                  XIV International Business & Economy Conference (IBEC) - Bangkok 2015 (Archive)
                  XV International Business & Economy Conference (IBEC) - Germany 2016 (Archive)
                  XVI International Business & Economy Conference (IBEC) - Chile 2017 (Archive)
                  XVII International Business & Economy Conference (IBEC) - San Francisco 2018 (Archive)
                  XVIII International Business & Economy Conference (IBEC) - Rennes, France 2019 (Archive)
            International Business Research Conferences
                  Proceedings of 18th International Business Research Conference (Archive)
                  Proceedings of 19th International Business Research Conference (Archive)
            International Conference on Advances in Management Practices (ICAMP 2021) (Archive)
            International Conference on Business Management, Innovation & Sustainability (ICBMIS) 2020 (Archive)
            International Conferences on Business & Information (ICBI)
                  12th International Conference on Business & Information (ICBI) 2021 subscribe_free
                  International Conference on Business & Information (ICBI) 2020 (Archive)
                        ICBI 2020: Accounting, Finance & Economics
                        ICBI 2020: Education & Learning
                        ICBI 2020: Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Small Business Management
                        ICBI 2020: Marketing, International Business & Strategy
                        ICBI 2020: Multidisciplinary Areas
                        ICBI 2020: Operation, Logistics & Supply Chain Management
                        ICBI 2020: Organizational Behaviour & Human Resource Management
                        ICBI 2020: Social Distancing: Impacts on Business & Society
                        ICBI 2020: Technology, Cloud Computing, Big Data Analytics & Information Technology
                        ICBI 2020: Tourism & Hospitality Management
            International Conferences on Business Management (ICBM)
                  12th International Conference on Business Management (ICBM) 2015 (Archive)
                  13th International Conference on Business Management (ICBM) 2016 (Archive)
            International Conferences on Engaged Management Scholarship (EMS)
                  The Eighth International Conference on Engaged Management Scholarship (Archive)
                  The Eleventh International Conference on Engaged Management Scholarship (Archive)
                  The Fifth International Conference on Engaged Management Scholarship (Archive)
                  The First International Conference on Engaged Management Scholarship (Archive)
                  The Fourth International Conference on Engaged Management Scholarship (Archive)
                  The Ninth International Conference on Engaged Management Scholarship (Archive)
                  The Second International Conference on Engaged Management Scholarship (Archive)
                  The Seventh International Conference on Engaged Management Scholarship (Archive)
                  The Sixth International Conference on Engaged Management Scholarship (Archive)
                  The Tenth International Conference on Engaged Management Scholarship (Archive)
                  The Third International Conference on Engaged Management Scholarship (Archive)
            PAN-IIT International Management Conference (PANIITIMC) 2018 (Archive)
                  PANIITIMC 2018: Economics
                  PANIITIMC 2018: Entrepreneurship Development
                  PANIITIMC 2018: Finance & Accounting
                  PANIITIMC 2018: Human Resource Management
                  PANIITIMC 2018: Information System Management
                  PANIITIMC 2018: Marketing
                  PANIITIMC 2018: Operations Management
                  PANIITIMC 2018: Strategic Management
                  PANIITIMC 2018: Sustainable Management
            Prestige Institute of Management (PIM) International Conferences
                  10th International Conference on Digital Strategies for Organizational Success (Archive)
                  11th International Conference on Business Management & Information Technology (ICOBMIT) 2019 subscribe_free
      INTL Partners in Publishing Journals
            INTL Wiley-Blackwell Publishers Journals
                  Wiley-Blackwell: British Journal of Management subscribe_free
                  Wiley-Blackwell: European Management Review subscribe_free
                  Wiley-Blackwell: International Journal of Management Reviews subscribe_free
            Revista CEA
      INTL Subject Matter eJournals
            International Business & Management Negative Results eJournal subscribe_fee
            International Business Strategy & Structure eJournal subscribe_fee
                  INTL: Global Strategy & Tactics (Topic)
                  INTL: Market Entry Strategies (Topic)
                  INTL: Multinational Enterprise Structure (Topic)
            International Environment of Global Business eJournals
                  Emerging Markets: Regional Perspective eJournal subscribe_fee
                        INTL: Emerging African Markets (Topic)
                        INTL: Emerging Asian Markets (Topic)
                        INTL: Emerging European Markets (Topic)
                        INTL: Emerging Middle Eastern Markets (Topic)
                        INTL: Other Emerging Markets: Regional Perspective (Topic)
                  Emerging Markets: Theory & Practice eJournal subscribe_fee
                        INTL: Descriptive Studies in Emerging Markets (Topic)
                        INTL: Other Studies in Emerging Markets (Topic)
                        INTL: Prescriptive Studies in Emerging Markets (Topic)
                  Global Business Issues eJournal subscribe_fee
                        INTL: Economic & Financial Issues (Topic)
                        INTL: Other Global Business Issues (Topic)
                        INTL: Political & Legal Issues (Topic)
                        INTL: Social & Cultural Issues (Topic)
                        INTL: Technological Issues (Topic)
                  International Environment of Global Business eJournal, Archives of Vols. 1-3, 2009-11
                        INTL: Managing in Emerging Markets (Topic)
                        INTL: Policy Environment (Topic)
            International Management of Organizations & People eJournal subscribe_fee
                  INTL: Cross Cultural Management (Topic)
                  INTL: MNE Functions (Topic)
                  INTL: MNE Management (Topic)
            Latin American Business eJournal subscribe_fee
            Other International Business & Management eJournal subscribe_fee
            Public Procurement, Government Contracts & Outsourcing eJournal subscribe_free