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Information & Library Science Research Network Subject Matter eJournals

InfoSciRN Subject Matter eJournals
      Archival Science eJournal subscribe_fee
            InfoSciRN: Cultural Heritage (Topic)
            InfoSciRN: Digital Archives & Preservation (Topic)
            InfoSciRN: Oral History (Topic)
            InfoSciRN: Other Archival Science (Topic)
            InfoSciRN: Print Preservation (Topic)
            InfoSciRN: Rare Books & Manuscripts (Topic)
      Data Science & Analytics eJournal subscribe_fee
            InfoSciRN: Data Analysis & Data Analytics (Topic)
                  InfoSciRN: Bibliometrics (Sub-Topic)
                  InfoSciRN: Big Data (Sub-Topic)
                  InfoSciRN: Data Mining & Data Fusion (Sub-Topic)
                  InfoSciRN: Other Data Analysis & Data Analytics (Sub-Topic)
                  InfoSciRN: Webometrics (Sub-Topic)
            InfoSciRN: Data Curation & Data Management (Topic)
            InfoSciRN: Data Protection (Topic)
            InfoSciRN: Data Visualization (Topic)
            InfoSciRN: Data Warehousing (Topic)
            InfoSciRN: Open Data (Topic)
            InfoSciRN: Other Data Science & Analytics (Topic)
            InfoSciRN: Text Mining & Text Analytics (Topic)
      Informatics eJournal subscribe_fee
            InfoSciRN: Bioinformatics (Topic)
            InfoSciRN: Environmental Informatics (Topic)
            InfoSciRN: Financial Informatics (Topic)
            InfoSciRN: Health Informatics (Topic)
            InfoSciRN: Legal Informatics (Topic)
            InfoSciRN: Museum Informatics (Topic)
            InfoSciRN: Other Informatics (Topic)
            InfoSciRN: Social Informatics (Topic)
      Information & Library Science Educator: Courses, Cases & Teaching eJournal subscribe_fee
      Information & Library Science Negative Results eJournal subscribe_fee
      Information Management eJournal subscribe_fee
            InfoSciRN: Collections Management (Topic)
                  InfoSciRN: Acquisitions & Collection Development (Sub-Topic)
                  InfoSciRN: Electronic Resources Management (Sub-Topic)
                  InfoSciRN: Other Collections Management (Sub-Topic)
            InfoSciRN: Database Management (Topic)
            InfoSciRN: Digital Asset Management & Digital Curation (Topic)
            InfoSciRN: Information Storage & Retrieval Systems (Topic)
                  InfoSciRN: Content Management Systems (Sub-Topic)
                  InfoSciRN: Enterprise Library Systems (Sub-Topic)
                  InfoSciRN: Integrated Library Systems (Sub-Topic)
                  InfoSciRN: Other Information Storage & Retrieval Systems (Sub-Topic)
                  InfoSciRN: Reference Management Systems (Sub-Topic)
            InfoSciRN: Knowledge Management (Topic)
                  InfoSciRN: Competitive Intelligence (Sub-Topic)
                  InfoSciRN: Intellectual Capital (Sub-Topic)
                  InfoSciRN: Organizational Learning (Sub-Topic)
                  InfoSciRN: Other Knowledge Management (Sub-Topic)
            InfoSciRN: Other Information Management (Topic)
            InfoSciRN: Records Management (Topic)
            InfoSciRN: Taxonomies & Ontologies (Topic)
      Information Policy & Ethics eJournal subscribe_fee
            InfoSciRN: Access to Information (Topic)
                  InfoSciRN: Digital Divide (Sub-Topic)
                  InfoSciRN: Net Neutrality (Sub-Topic)
                  InfoSciRN: Open Access (Sub-Topic)
                  InfoSciRN: Other Access to Information (Sub-Topic)
            InfoSciRN: Censorship & First Amendment Issues (Topic)
            InfoSciRN: Copyright & Intellectual Property (Topic)
                  InfoSciRN: Digital Rights Management (Sub-Topic)
                  InfoSciRN: Fair Use & Public Domain (Sub-Topic)
                  InfoSciRN: Knowledge Goods & Assets (Sub-Topic)
                  InfoSciRN: Other Copyright & Intellectual Property (Sub-Topic)
            InfoSciRN: Digital Citizenship (Topic)
            InfoSciRN: Diversity in Librarianship (Topic)
            InfoSciRN: Information Ethics & Advocacy (Topic)
            InfoSciRN: Information Privacy (Topic)
            InfoSciRN: Intellectual Freedom (Topic)
            InfoSciRN: Other Information Policy & Ethics (Topic)
      Information Theory & Research eJournal subscribe_fee
            InfoSciRN: Coding Theory (Topic)
            InfoSciRN: History of Library & Information Science (Topic)
            InfoSciRN: Information Economics (Topic)
            InfoSciRN: Other Information Theory & Research (Topic)
            InfoSciRN: Quantum Information Science (Topic)
      Information Use eJournal subscribe_fee
            InfoSciRN: Information Control (Topic)
            InfoSciRN: Information Literacy (Topic)
            InfoSciRN: Information Needs Assessment (Topic)
            InfoSciRN: Information Overload (Topic)
            InfoSciRN: Information Quality (Topic)
            InfoSciRN: Information Seeking Behavior (Topic)
            InfoSciRN: Information Sharing (Topic)
            InfoSciRN: Other Information Use (Topic)
      Libraries & Information Technology eJournal subscribe_fee
            InfoSciRN: Artificial Intelligence (Topic)
                  InfoSciRN: Expert Systems (Sub-Topic)
                  InfoSciRN: Knowledge Representation (Sub-Topic)
                  InfoSciRN: Machine Learning (Sub-Topic)
                  InfoSciRN: Natural Language Processing (Sub-Topic)
                  InfoSciRN: Other Artificial Intelligence (Sub-Topic)
            InfoSciRN: Geographic Information Systems (Topic)
            InfoSciRN: Human-Computer Interaction (Topic)
            InfoSciRN: Information Architecture (Topic)
                  InfoSciRN: Other Information Architecture (Sub-Topic)
                  InfoSciRN: User Interface Design & User Experience (Sub-Topic)
                  InfoSciRN: Web Design & Development (Sub-Topic)
            InfoSciRN: Information Networks (Topic)
                  InfoSciRN: Cloud Computing (Sub-Topic)
                  InfoSciRN: Internet of Things (Sub-Topic)
                  InfoSciRN: Linked Data & Semantic Web (Sub-Topic)
                  InfoSciRN: Other Information Networks (Sub-Topic)
            InfoSciRN: Information Search & Retrieval (Topic)
            InfoSciRN: Information Security (Topic)
            InfoSciRN: Information Systems Analysis (Topic)
            InfoSciRN: Instructional Design (Topic)
            InfoSciRN: Other Libraries & Information Technology (Topic)
            InfoSciRN: Robotics (Topic)
      Libraries & Media eJournal subscribe_fee
            InfoSciRN: Other Libraries & Media (Topic)
            InfoSciRN: Print & Electronic Publishing (Topic)
                  InfoSciRN: Digital Storytelling (Sub-Topic)
                  InfoSciRN: Other Print & Electronic Publishing (Sub-Topic)
                  InfoSciRN: Scholarly Communication (Sub-Topic)
            InfoSciRN: Social Media & Social Media Analytics (Topic)
      Library & Librarianship Types eJournal subscribe_fee
            InfoSciRN: Academic Libraries & Librarianship (Topic)
            InfoSciRN: Digital Libraries & Librarianship (Topic)
            InfoSciRN: Information Consulting (Topic)
            InfoSciRN: Institutional Repositories (Topic)
            InfoSciRN: International Librarianship (Topic)
            InfoSciRN: National Libraries (Topic)
            InfoSciRN: Other Library & Librarianship Types (Topic)
            InfoSciRN: Public Libraries & Librarianship (Topic)
            InfoSciRN: School Libraries & Media Centers (Topic)
            InfoSciRN: Special Libraries & Librarianship (Topic)
                  InfoSciRN: Art Libraries & Librarianship (Sub-Topic)
                  InfoSciRN: Corrections Libraries & Librarianship (Sub-Topic)
                  InfoSciRN: Government Libraries & Librarianship (Sub-Topic)
                  InfoSciRN: Health Sciences & Medical Librarianship (Sub-Topic)
                  InfoSciRN: Law Libraries & Librarianship (Sub-Topic)
                  InfoSciRN: Music Libraries & Librarianship (Sub-Topic)
                  InfoSciRN: Other Special Libraries & Librarianship (Sub-Topic)
      Library Administration & Management eJournal subscribe_fee
            InfoSciRN: Library Assessment (Topic)
            InfoSciRN: Library Associations (Topic)
            InfoSciRN: Library Budgets & Funding (Topic)
            InfoSciRN: Library Governance (Topic)
            InfoSciRN: Library Policies & Procedures (Topic)
            InfoSciRN: Other Library Administration & Management (Topic)
      Library Operations & Services eJournal subscribe_fee
            InfoSciRN: Accessibility Services (Topic)
            InfoSciRN: Adult Services (Topic)
            InfoSciRN: Children & Youth Services (Topic)
            InfoSciRN: Community Outreach Services (Topic)
            InfoSciRN: E-Lending Licensing & E-Book Delivery (Topic)
            InfoSciRN: Library Makerspaces (Topic)
            InfoSciRN: Other Library Operations & Services (Topic)
            InfoSciRN: Research & Reference Services (Topic)
            InfoSciRN: Technical Services (Topic)
                  InfoSciRN: Cataloging & Classification (Sub-Topic)
                  InfoSciRN: Digitization (Sub-Topic)
                  InfoSciRN: Interlibrary Loan (Sub-Topic)
                  InfoSciRN: Metadata Services (Sub-Topic)
                  InfoSciRN: Other Technical Services (Sub-Topic)