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Health Science Case Reports Research Network Subject Matter eJournals

HSCaseRepRN Subject Matter eJournals
      Allied Health Professions eJournal subscribe_free
            HSCaseRepRN: Nutrition Science (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Occupational Therapy (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Optometry (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Other Allied Health Professions (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Physical Therapy (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Sonology (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Speech Pathology (Topic)
      Anesthesiology eJournal subscribe_free
            HSCaseRepRN: Adult Cardiothoracic Anesthesiology (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Critical Care Medicine (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Obstetric Anesthesiology (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Other Anesthesiology (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Pain Management (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Pediatric Anesthesiology (Topic)
      Cardiovascular Medicine eJournal subscribe_free
            HSCaseRepRN: Cardiovascular Diseases (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Cardiovascular Pharmacology (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Echocardiography (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Other Cardiovascular Medicine (Topic)
      Complementary & Integrative Health eJournal subscribe_free
            HSCaseRepRN: Chiropractics (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Integrative Medicine (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Osteopathy (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Other Complementary & Integrative Health (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Traditional Medicine (Topic)
      Dentistry eJournal subscribe_free
            HSCaseRepRN: Clinical Dentistry (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Dental Anesthesia (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Dental Pharmacology (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Dental Surgery (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Endodontics (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Orthodontics (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Other Dentistry (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Periodontics (Topic)
      Dermatology eJournal subscribe_free
            HSCaseRepRN: Cosmetic Dermatology (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Dermatopathology (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Immunodermatology (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Medical Dermatology (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Other Dermatology (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Pediatric Dermatology (Topic)
      Diagnostics eJournal subscribe_free
            HSCaseRepRN: Clinical Diagnostic Tests (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Laboratory Diagnosis (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Other Diagnostics (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Pathology (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Prenatal Diagnostics (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Radiology (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Surgical Diagnostic Tests (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Toxicology (Topic)
      Disability & Rehabilitation Medicine eJournal subscribe_free
            HSCaseRepRN: Health Insurance (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Occupational Medicine (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Other Disability & Rehabilation Medicine (Topic)
      Family Medicine eJournal subscribe_free
            HSCaseRepRN: Geriatric Medicine (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Obesity Medicine (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Other Family Medicine (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Sports Medicine (Topic)
      Forensic & Legal Medicine eJournal subscribe_free
            HSCaseRepRN: Clinical Forensic Medicine (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Forensic Medicine (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Forensic Pathology (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Legal Medicine (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Other Forensic & Legal Medicine (Topic)
      Health Informatics eJournal subscribe_free
            HSCaseRepRN: Consumer Health Informatics (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Dental Informatics (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Medical Informatics (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Other Health Informatics (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Public Health Informatics (Topic)
      Health Science Case Reports Educator: Courses, Cases & Teaching eJournal subscribe_free
      Health Science Case Reports Negative Results eJournal subscribe_free
      Internal Medicine eJournal subscribe_free
            HSCaseRepRN: Allergy & Immunology (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Endocrinology (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Gastroenterology (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Hematology (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Hepatology (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Other Internal Medicine (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Respiratory Medicine (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Rheumatology (Topic)
      Medical Genetics & Genomics eJournal subscribe_free
            HSCaseRepRN: Cytogenetics & Cancer Genetics (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Ethical & Precision Medicine (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Genetic Counseling (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Genetic Disease Therapeutics (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Genetic Epidemiology (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Genetics & Genomics Education (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Health Services & Implementation (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Metabolic & Biochemical Genetics (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Other Medical Genetics & Genomics (Topic)
      Neurology eJournal subscribe_free
            HSCaseRepRN: Clinical Neurology (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Clinical Neurophysiology (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Electrodiagnostic Medicine (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Endovascular Surgical Neuroradiology (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Experimental Neurology (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Other Neurology (Topic)
      Nuclear Medicine eJournal subscribe_free
            HSCaseRepRN: Nuclear Chemistry (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Nuclear Radiology (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Nuclear Radiopharmaceutics (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Other Nuclear Medicine (Topic)
      Nursing eJournal subscribe_free
            HSCaseRepRN: Acute Care Nursing (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Emergency Room Nursing (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: ICU Nursing (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Labor & Delivery Nursing (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Medical-Surgical Nursing (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Neonatal Nursing (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Nephrology Nursing (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Oncology Nursing (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Operating Room Nursing (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Other Nursing (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Pediatric Nursing (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Telemetry Nursing (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Travel Nursing (Topic)
      Nutrition eJournal subscribe_free
            HSCaseRepRN: Diet (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Nutraceuticals (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Nutrient (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Nutrition Education (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Nutritional Disorder (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Other Nutrition (Topic)
      Ophthalmology eJournal subscribe_free
            HSCaseRepRN: Anterior Segment (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Dacryology (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Neuro-Ophthalmology (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Oculoplastics (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Ophthalmic Diseases & Disorders (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Other Ophthalmology (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Refractive Surgery (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Retina (Topic)
      Pediatrics eJournal subscribe_free
            HSCaseRepRN: Neonatology (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Other Pediatrics (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Pediatric Endocrinology (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Pediatric Gastroenterology (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Pediatric Hematology (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Pediatric Infectious Diseases (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Pediatric Nephrology (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Pediatric Oncology (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Pediatric Orthopedics (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Pediatric Otolaryngology (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Pediatric Radiology (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Pediatric Respiratory Medicine (Topic)
      Pharmacology eJournal subscribe_free
            HSCaseRepRN: Clinical Pharmacology (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Neuro-Psycho Pharmacology (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Other Pharmacology (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Pharmacoeconomics (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Pharmacogenetics (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Pharmacovigilence (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Therapeutics (Topic)
      Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation eJournal subscribe_free
            HSCaseRepRN: Brain Injury Medicine (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Neuromuscular Medicine (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Other Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Pediatric Rehabilitation Medicine (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Spinal Cord Injury Medicine (Topic)
      Preventive Medicine eJournal subscribe_free
            HSCaseRepRN: Clinical Preventive Service (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Other Preventive Medicine (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Patient Adherence in Preventive Care (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Preventive Care Funding (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Preventive Healthcare Service (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Preventive Psychiatry (Topic)
      Psychiatry eJournal subscribe_free
            HSCaseRepRN: Biological Psychiatry (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Emergency Psychiatry (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Other Psychiatry (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Pediatric Psychiatry (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Psychogeriatrics (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Psychopharmacology (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Psychosomatic Medicine (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Psychotherapy (Topic)
      Public Health eJournal subscribe_free
            HSCaseRepRN: Alcohol & Drug Use (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Cancer Control (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Disease Transmission (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Environment & Health (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Epidemiology (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Health Risk Assessment (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Health Services (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Hygiene & Sanitation (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Occupational Health (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Other Public Health (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Public Health Nutrition (Topic)
      Reproductive Medicine eJournal subscribe_free
            HSCaseRepRN: Andrology (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Gynecology (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Medical Sterilization (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Obstetrics (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Other Reproductive Medicine (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Reproductive Biology (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Sexual Health (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Urology (Topic)
      Surgery (HSCaseRepRN) eJournal subscribe_free
            HSCaseRepRN: Ambulatory Surgery (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Cardiothoracic Surgery (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Gastroenterologic Surgery (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: General Surgery (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Neurosurgery (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Obesity Surgery (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Obstetric & Gynecological Surgery (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Orthopedics Surgery (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Other Surgery (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Otolaryngological Surgery (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Pediatric Surgery (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Plastic Surgery (Topic)
      Systems Medicine eJournal subscribe_free
            HSCaseRepRN: Clinical Information System (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Clinical Systems Medicine (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Computational Modeling & Epidemiology (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Experimental Systems Medicine (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Other Systems Medicine (Topic)
      Translational Medicine eJournal subscribe_free
            HSCaseRepRN: Clinical Translation (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Computational Biology (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Medical Bioinformatics (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Other Translational Medicine (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Personalised Medicine (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Translational Genetics & Genomics (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Translational Hematology (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Translational Imaging (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Translational Bioinformatics (Topic)
      Trauma & Emergency Medicine eJournal subscribe_free
            HSCaseRepRN: Disaster Medicine (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Emergency Medicine (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Operational Medicine (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Other Trauma & Emergency Medicine (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Tactical Medicine (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Traumatology (Topic)
      Urology eJournal subscribe_free
            HSCaseRepRN: Endourology (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Female Urology (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Neurourology (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Other Urology (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Pediatric Urology (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Reconstructive Urology (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Urologic Diseases (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Urologic Oncology (Topic)
      Veterinary Medicine & Science eJournal subscribe_free
            HSCaseRepRN: Infection Diseases (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Other Veterinary Medicine & Science (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Regulatory Veterinary (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Research Veterinary (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Veterinary Diagnostics (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Veterinary Internal Medicine (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Veterinary Nutrition (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Veterinary Pathology (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Veterinary Surgery (Topic)
      Virology eJournal subscribe_free
            HSCaseRepRN: Clinical Virology (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Molecular Virology (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Other Virology (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Viral Disease (Topic)
            HSCaseRepRN: Viral Genetics (Topic)