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Health Economics Network eJournal Taxonomy

HEN Subject Matter eJournals
      Demand & Supply in Health Economics eJournal subscribe_fee
            HEN: Consumer Behavior (Topic)
            HEN: Doctors (Topic)
            HEN: Econometrics (Topic)
            HEN: Hospitals (Topic)
            HEN: Labor & Workforce (RN, LPN, PT, Other) (Topic)
            HEN: Microeconomics of Medicine/Other (Topic)
            HEN: Nursing Homes (Topic)
      Equity & Disparities in Health Economics eJournal subscribe_fee
      Geographic Health Economics eJournal subscribe_fee
            HEN: Africa (Topic)
                  HEN: South Africa (Sub-Topic)
            HEN: Asia (Topic)
                  HEN: Australia (Sub-Topic)
                  HEN: China (Sub-Topic)
                  HEN: Japan (Sub-Topic)
                  HEN: Korea (Sub-Topic)
                  HEN: SE Asia (Sub-Topic)
                  HEN: Singapore (Sub-Topic)
            HEN: Europe (Topic)
                  HEN: Austria (Sub-Topic)
                  HEN: Balkans (Sub-Topic)
                  HEN: Belgium (Sub-Topic)
                  HEN: Central & Eastern Europe (Sub-Topic)
                  HEN: France (Sub-Topic)
                  HEN: Germany (Sub-Topic)
                  HEN: Ireland (Sub-Topic)
                  HEN: Israel (Sub-Topic)
                  HEN: Netherlands (Sub-Topic)
                  HEN: Scandinavia (Sub-Topic)
                  HEN: Spain (Sub-Topic)
            HEN: International (Topic)
                  HEN: Cross-Border Trade (Sub-Topic)
                  HEN: Cross-National Cost Studies (Sub-Topic)
                  HEN: International Migration (Sub-Topic)
                  HEN: National Health Accounts (Sub-Topic)
            HEN: Latin America (Topic)
                  HEN: Brazil (Sub-Topic)
                  HEN: Central America (Sub-Topic)
                  HEN: Chile (Sub-Topic)
                  HEN: Mexico (Sub-Topic)
            HEN: Mid/Trans East (Topic)
                  HEN: Bangladesh (Sub-Topic)
                  HEN: India (Sub-Topic)
                  HEN: Iran (Sub-Topic)
            HEN: North America (Topic)
                  HEN: Canada (Sub-Topic)
                  HEN: USA (Sub-Topic)
      Health & the Economy eJournal subscribe_fee
            HEN: Demography (Topic)
            HEN: Determinants of Morbidity & Mortality (Topic)
            HEN: Education & Learning (Topic)
            HEN: Health & Economic Development (Topic)
            HEN: Historical Studies (Topic)
                  HEN: Anthropometric (Sub-Topic)
                  HEN: Data & Cases (Sub-Topic)
            HEN: Human Capital Modelling (Topic)
            HEN: Other Health & the Economy (Topic)
            HEN: Women's & Children's Health (Topic)
      Health Economics Evaluation Methods eJournal subscribe_fee
            HEN: Methodology (Topic)
                  HEN: Cost Measurement (Sub-Topic)
                  HEN: Outcome Measurement (Sub-Topic)
            HEN: Prevention Studies (Topic)
            HEN: Program Studies (Topic)
            HEN: Specific Diseases or Therapies (Topic)
                  HEN: Cancer (Sub-Topic)
                  HEN: Cardiology (Sub-Topic)
                  HEN: HIV/AIDS (Sub-Topic)
                  HEN: Medical Technology (Sub-Topic)
                        HEN: Devices (Sub-Topic)
                        HEN: Equipment (Sub-Topic)
                        HEN: Imaging (Sub-Topic)
                        HEN: Implants (Sub-Topic)
                        HEN: Laboratories (Sub-Topic)
                  HEN: Mental Health (Sub-Topic)
                        HEN: Substance Abuse (Sub-Topic)
                  HEN: Other Specific Diseases or Therapies (Sub-Topic)
                  HEN: Pharmacoeconomics (Sub-Topic)
                  HEN: Radiology (Sub-Topic)
                  HEN: Smoking (Sub-Topic)
            HEN: Theory (Topic)
            HEN: Valuation: Life, QUALys, Medical Care (Topic)
      Health Economics Negative Results eJournal subscribe_fee
      Insurance & Financing in Health Care eJournal subscribe_fee
            HEN: Capital Markets & Financing (Topic)
            HEN: Financing & Budgeting (Topic)
            HEN: Forecasting (Topic)
            HEN: Insurance (Topic)
                  HEN: Employer Insurance (Sub-Topic)
                  HEN: Managed Care (Sub-Topic)
                  HEN: Private (Sub-Topic)
                  HEN: Public (Topic)
                  HEN: Supplemental (Topic)
            HEN: Macroeconomics (Topic)
            HEN: Risk-Adjustment & Case-Mix (Topic)
      Macroeconomic Issues in Health Care eJournal subscribe_fee
      Public Goods & Regulation in Health Economics eJournal subscribe_fee
            HEN: Equity/Inequalities (Topic)
                  HEN: Disparities (Sub-Topic)
            HEN: Ethics (Topic)
            HEN: Information (Topic)
            HEN: Law & Regulation (Topic)
                  HEN: Antitrust & IO (Sub-Topic)
                  HEN: Malpractice (Sub-Topic)
                  HEN: Non-Profit Organization (Sub-Topic)
                  HEN: Regulation (Sub-Topic)
            HEN: Public Health (Topic)
                  HEN: Prevention (Sub-Topic)
            HEN: Welfare Theory (Topic)