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Financial Planning Research Network Subject Matter eJournals

FinPlanRN Subject Matter eJournals
      Consumer Behavioral Finance eJournal subscribe_fee
            FinPlanRN: Client Psychology (Topic)
            FinPlanRN: Consumer Financial Decision-Making (Topic)
            FinPlanRN: Other Consumer Behavioral Finance (Topic)
      Consumer Legal & Oversight eJournal subscribe_fee
            FinPlanRN: Consumer Protection & Enforcement (Topic)
            FinPlanRN: Consumer Protection Policies & Regulation (Topic)
            FinPlanRN: Other Consumer Legal & Oversight (Topic)
      Estate Planning eJournal subscribe_fee
            FinPlanRN: Estate Tax (Topic)
            FinPlanRN: Incapacity Planning (Topic)
            FinPlanRN: Inheritance (Topic)
            FinPlanRN: Other Estate Planning (Topic)
            FinPlanRN: Wills & Trusts (Topic)
      Finance Planning Fundamentals eJournal subscribe_fee
            FinPlanRN: Client Communication (Topic)
            FinPlanRN: College Fund Building (Topic)
            FinPlanRN: Debt Management (Topic)
            FinPlanRN: Home Buying (Topic)
            FinPlanRN: Other Finance Planning Fundamentals (Topic)
            FinPlanRN: Savings (Topic)
      Financial Planning Educator eJournal subscribe_fee
      Financial Planning Negative Results eJournal subscribe_fee
      Household Financial Planning eJournal subscribe_fee
            FinPlanRN: Financial Therapy, Literacy & Wellness (Topic)
            FinPlanRN: Financial Well-Being (Topic)
            FinPlanRN: Other Househould Financial Planning (Topic)
      Human Sciences eJournal subscribe_fee
      Insurance eJournal subscribe_fee
            FinPlanRN: Disability Insurance (Topic)
            FinPlanRN: Life Insurance (Topic)
            FinPlanRN: Long-Term Care Planning (Topic)
            FinPlanRN: Other Insurance (Topic)
            FinPlanRN: Property & Casualty Insurance (Topic)
      Investments eJournal subscribe_fee
            FinPlanRN: Asset Accumulation (Topic)
            FinPlanRN: Big Data, AI, & Robo-Advising (Topic)
            FinPlanRN: FinTech (Topic)
            FinPlanRN: Investment Strategies (Topic)
            FinPlanRN: Other Investments (Topic)
            FinPlanRN: Portfolio Choice (Topic)
      Practitioner Articles & Resources eJournal subscribe_fee
      Psychology & Human Decision-Making eJournal subscribe_fee
      Retirement Planning eJournal subscribe_fee
            FinPlanRN: 401(k) & 403(b) Plans (Topic)
            FinPlanRN: IRA Accounts (Topic)
            FinPlanRN: Other Retirement Planning (Topic)
            FinPlanRN: Retirement Fund (Topic)
            FinPlanRN: Social Security (Topic)
      Taxation eJournal subscribe_fee
            FinPlanRN: Charitable Contributions (Topic)
            FinPlanRN: Other Taxation (Topic)
            FinPlanRN: Small Business Taxation (Topic)
            FinPlanRN: Tax Reduction (Topic)
            FinPlanRN: Tax Return Filing (Topic)