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Entrepreneurship Research & Policy Network eJournal Taxonomy

ERPN Subject Matter eJournals
      Entrepreneurship & Economics eJournal subscribe_fee
            ERPN: Economic Development & Technological Change (Topic)
                  ERPN: Economic Systems (Sub-Topic)
                  ERPN: Innovation (Economic) (Sub-Topic)
                  ERPN: Macroeconomic Influences (Sub-Topic)
                  ERPN: Other Economic Development & Technological Change (Sub-Topic)
                  ERPN: Technological Change (Sub-Topic)
            ERPN: Industrial Organization (Topic)
                  ERPN: Entry Barriers (Sub-Topic)
                  ERPN: Firm Formation (Sub-Topic)
                  ERPN: Firm Strategy (Sub-Topic)
                  ERPN: Industry Studies (Sub-Topic)
                  ERPN: Market Structure (Industrial) (Sub-Topic)
                  ERPN: Other Industrial Organization (Sub-Topic)
            ERPN: Labor Economics (Topic)
                  ERPN: Demographic Economics (Sub-Topic)
                  ERPN: Employment & Wage Determination (Sub-Topic)
                  ERPN: Entrepreneurial Entry & Exit (Sub-Topic)
                  ERPN: Human Capital (Sub-Topic)
                  ERPN: Occupational Choice (Sub-Topic)
                  ERPN: Other Labor Economics (Sub-Topic)
            ERPN: Microeconomic Theory (Topic)
                  ERPN: Firm Organization (Sub-Topic)
                  ERPN: Firm Production (Sub-Topic)
                  ERPN: Information Asymmetry (Sub-Topic)
                  ERPN: Market Structure (Microeconomic) (Sub-Topic)
                  ERPN: Other Microeconomic Theory (Sub-Topic)
                  ERPN: Uncertainty (Sub-Topic)
      Entrepreneurship & Finance eJournal subscribe_fee
            ERPN: Entrepreneurs (Finance) (Topic)
                  ERPN: Governance & Organization (Sub-Topic)
                  ERPN: Other Entrepreneurs (Finance) (Sub-Topic)
                  ERPN: Start-Up & Small Business Finance (Sub-Topic)
            ERPN: Exits (Topic)
                  ERPN: Failure (Sub-Topic)
                  ERPN: Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) (Sub-Topic)
                  ERPN: Merger (Sub-Topic)
                  ERPN: Other Exits (Sub-Topic)
                  ERPN: Sales (Sub-Topic)
            ERPN: Investors (Topic)
                  ERPN: Angel Investing (Sub-Topic)
                  ERPN: Leveraged Buyouts (Sub-Topic)
                  ERPN: Other Investors (Sub-Topic)
                  ERPN: Venture Capital (Sub-Topic)
            ERPN: Other Entrepreneurship & Finance (Topic)
      Entrepreneurship & Law eJournal subscribe_fee
            ERPN: Contracts (Topic)
                  ERPN: Contract Design & Incentives (Sub-Topic)
                  ERPN: Contract Enforcement (Sub-Topic)
                  ERPN: Contract Interpretation (Sub-Topic)
                  ERPN: Contracts (Other) (Sub-Topic)
            ERPN: Corporate Law & Organization Law (Topic)
                  ERPN: Corporate Governance & Fiduciary Duties (Sub-Topic)
                  ERPN: Corporate Law (Other) (Sub-Topic)
                  ERPN: Partnership & LLC Law (Sub-Topic)
                  ERPN: Shareholder Conflicts (Sub-Topic)
            ERPN: Intellectual Property (Topic)
                  ERPN: Copyright & Trademark (Sub-Topic)
                  ERPN: IP (Other) (Sub-Topic)
                  ERPN: Licensing (Sub-Topic)
                  ERPN: Patents (Sub-Topic)
            ERPN: Other Entrepreneurship & Law (Topic)
            ERPN: Regulation (Topic)
                  ERPN: Antitrust (Sub-Topic)
                  ERPN: Bankruptcy (Sub-Topic)
                  ERPN: Regulation (Other) (Sub-Topic)
                  ERPN: Securities Law & Public Offerings (Sub-Topic)
                  ERPN: Small Business Regulation (Sub-Topic)
                  ERPN: Small Business Subsidies, Grants & Government Loans (Sub-Topic)
                  ERPN: Tax (Sub-Topic)
            ERPN: Social Responsibility & Public Policy (Topic)
                  ERPN: Product Markets & Entrepreneurship Branding (Sub-Topic)
                  ERPN: Public Policy (Other) (Law) (Sub-Topic)
                  ERPN: Social Entrepreneurship (Sub-Topic)
                  ERPN: Social Responsibility, Sustainability & Environmental Policy (Sub-Topic)
      Entrepreneurship & Management eJournal subscribe_fee
            ERPN: Family Business (Topic)
                  ERPN: Estate Planning (Sub-Topic)
                  ERPN: Famliness (Sub-Topic)
                  ERPN: Other Family Business (Sub-Topic)
                  ERPN: Patient Capital (Sub-Topic)
                  ERPN: Succession Planning (Sub-Topic)
            ERPN: Governance (Management) (Topic)
                  ERPN: Agency Issues (Sub-Topic)
                  ERPN: Board Structure & Composition (Sub-Topic)
                  ERPN: Liability of Newness (Sub-Topic)
                  ERPN: Other Governance (Management) (Sub-Topic)
                  ERPN: Ownership (Sub-Topic)
            ERPN: Knowledge (Topic)
                  ERPN: Absorptive Capacity (Sub-Topic)
                  ERPN: Knowledge Spillovers (Sub-Topic)
                  ERPN: Learning (Sub-Topic)
                  ERPN: Other Knowledge (Sub-Topic)
            ERPN: New Venture Start-Up (Topic)
                  ERPN: Other New Venture Start-Up (Sub-Topic)
                  ERPN: Theory of the Firm (Sub-Topic)
                  ERPN: Venture Growth (Sub-Topic)
                  ERPN: Venture Performance (Sub-Topic)
            ERPN: Other Entrepreneurship & Management (Topic)
            ERPN: Strategy (Topic)
                  ERPN: Competitive Advantage (Sub-Topic)
                  ERPN: Culture (Strategy) (Sub-Topic)
                  ERPN: Leadership (Sub-Topic)
                  ERPN: Other Strategy (Sub-Topic)
                  ERPN: Value Creation (Sub-Topic)
      Entrepreneurship & Marketing eJournal subscribe_fee
            ERPN: Market Strategies (Topic)
                  ERPN: Internationalization (Market) (Sub-Topic)
                  ERPN: Market Segmentation (Sub-Topic)
                  ERPN: Other Market Strategies (Sub-Topic)
                  ERPN: Pricing Strategies (Sub-Topic)
                  ERPN: Promotion/Advertising Strategies (Sub-Topic)
                  ERPN: Research Methods (Sub-Topic)
            ERPN: Product Strategies (Topic)
                  ERPN: Internationalization (Product) (Sub-Topic)
                  ERPN: Other Product Strategies (Sub-Topic)
                  ERPN: Product Development (Sub-Topic)
                  ERPN: Product Innovation (Sub-Topic)
            ERPN: Service Strategies (Topic)
                  ERPN: Distribution Strategies for New Ventures (Sub-Topic)
                  ERPN: Internationalization (Service) (Sub-Topic)
                  ERPN: Other Service Strategies (Sub-Topic)
                  ERPN: Service Development (Sub-Topic)
                  ERPN: Service Innovation (Sub-Topic)
      Entrepreneurship & the Social Sciences eJournal subscribe_fee
            ERPN: Communities (Topic)
                  ERPN: Employment Impacts (Sub-Topic)
                  ERPN: Family Consequences (Sub-Topic)
                  ERPN: Other Communities (Sub-Topic)
                  ERPN: Remote & Local Ownership (Sub-Topic)
                  ERPN: Support Services (Sub-Topic)
            ERPN: Individuals (Topic)
                  ERPN: Attitudes & Emotions (Sub-Topic)
                  ERPN: Decisions & Choice (Sub-Topic)
                  ERPN: Entrepreneurial Careers (Sub-Topic)
                  ERPN: Occupational & Career Mobility/Path (Sub-Topic)
                  ERPN: Other Individuals (Sub-Topic)
            ERPN: Organizations (Topic)
                  ERPN: Culture (Organizations) (Sub-Topic)
                  ERPN: Governance (Organizations) (Sub-Topic)
                  ERPN: Imitation & Innovation (Sub-Topic)
                  ERPN: Other Organizations (Sub-Topic)
                  ERPN: Rapid Growth (Sub-Topic)
            ERPN: Societies (Topic)
                  ERPN: Competition Between Startups & Existing Firms (Sub-Topic)
                  ERPN: Firm Foundings & Innovation (Sub-Topic)
                  ERPN: Other Societies (Sub-Topic)
                  ERPN: Political Systems (Sub-Topic)
                  ERPN: Regulation & Policy (Sub-Topic)
                  ERPN: Social Justice & Incentives (Sub-Topic)
                  ERPN: Social Stratification (Sub-Topic)
      Entrepreneurship Educator: Courses, Cases & Teaching eJournal, Archives of Vols. 1-10, 2006-15
      Entrepreneurship Negative Results eJournal subscribe_fee
      Entrepreneurship, Innovation, & Growth eJournal subscribe_fee
            ERPN: Aggregate (Topic)
                  ERPN: Growth (Sub-Topic)
                  ERPN: Innovation (Aggregate) (Sub-Topic)
                  ERPN: Other Aggregate (Sub-Topic)
            ERPN: Entrepreneurs (Innovation) (Topic)
                  ERPN: Capabilities (Sub-Topic)
                  ERPN: High-Growth (Sub-Topic)
                  ERPN: High-Tech (Sub-Topic)
                  ERPN: Nascent (Sub-Topic)
                  ERPN: Opportunities (Sub-Topic)
                  ERPN: Other Entrepreneurs (Sub-Topic)
            ERPN: Firm (Topic)
                  ERPN: Commercialization (Sub-Topic)
                  ERPN: Organization (Sub-Topic)
                  ERPN: Other Firm (Sub-Topic)
                  ERPN: Research (Sub-Topic)
            ERPN: Other Entrepreneurship, Innovation, & Growth (Topic)
            ERPN: Public Policy (Innovation) (Topic)
                  ERPN: International (Sub-Topic)
                  ERPN: Local (Sub-Topic)
                  ERPN: National (Sub-Topic)
                  ERPN: Regional (Sub-Topic)
                  ERPN: State (Sub-Topic)
      Other Entrepreneurship Research & Policy eJournal subscribe_fee
      Social Entrepreneurship eJournal subscribe_fee
            ERPN: Educator: Courses, Cases & Teaching (Topic)
                  ERPN: Case Studies (Sub-Topic)
                  ERPN: Instructor Material (Sub-Topic)
                  ERPN: Supporting Material (Sub-Topic)
                  ERPN: Syllabi (Sub-Topic)
            ERPN: Methodology, Theory Building & Data (Topic)
                  ERPN: Data Sets (Sub-Topic)
                  ERPN: Methodology (Sub-Topic)
                        ERPN: Epistemology (Sub-Topic)
                        ERPN: Evaluation (Metrics, etc.) (Sub-Topic)
                        ERPN: Research Design (Sub-Topic)
                  ERPN: Theory/Field Building (Sub-Topic)
                        ERPN: Definitions (Sub-Topic)
                        ERPN: Other Theory/Field Building (Sub-Topic)
            ERPN: Social Enterprise (Topic)
                  ERPN: Fields of Activity (Sub-Topic)
                        ERPN: Local Development (Sub-Topic)
                        ERPN: Other Fields of Activity (Sub-Topic)
                        ERPN: Personal & Social Services (Sub-Topic)
                        ERPN: Work Integration (Of Disadvantaged Persons) (Sub-Topic)
                  ERPN: Finance (Enterprise) (Sub-Topic)
                  ERPN: Governance (Social Enterprise) (Sub-Topic)
                  ERPN: Legal Forms (Sub-Topic)
                  ERPN: Other Social Enterprise (Sub-Topic)
                  ERPN: Performance (Sub-Topic)
                  ERPN: Public Policies (Social) (Sub-Topic)
            ERPN: Social Entrepreneurial Activities/Behavior (Topic)
                  ERPN: Institutions/Organizations (Sub-Topic)
                        ERPN: Action (Service Delivery, Advocacy, Capacity Building) (Sub-Topic)
                        ERPN: Collaborations (Sub-Topic)
                        ERPN: Fair Trade (Sub-Topic)
                        ERPN: Microfinance (Sub-Topic)
                        ERPN: Other Institutions/Organizations (Sub-Topic)
                        ERPN: Within Institutions/Organizations (Sub-Topic)
                  ERPN: Social Innovation (Sub-Topic)
                        ERPN: Business Entrepreneurship (Sub-Topic)
                        ERPN: Finance (Innovation) (Sub-Topic)
                        ERPN: Focus/Fields of Work (Sub-Topic)
                        ERPN: Governance (Social Innovation) (Sub-Topic)
                        ERPN: Metrics (Sub-Topic)
                        ERPN: Other Social Innovation (Sub-Topic)
            ERPN: Social Entrepreneurs (Topic)
                  ERPN: Attributes, Personality (Sub-Topic)
                  ERPN: Funding (Sub-Topic)
                  ERPN: History, Origin, Motivation (Sub-Topic)
                  ERPN: Life Cycle (Sub-Topic)
                  ERPN: Organizational Strategy (Sub-Topic)
                  ERPN: Other Social Entrepreneurs (Sub-Topic)
            ERPN: Theoretical Approaches (Topic)
                  ERPN: Humanities (Sub-Topic)
                  ERPN: Law (Sub-Topic)
                  ERPN: Social Sciences (Sub-Topic)
                        ERPN: Business & Management (Sub-Topic)
                        ERPN: Economics (Sub-Topic)
                        ERPN: Environmental Studies (Sub-Topic)
                        ERPN: Public Administration (Sub-Topic)
                        ERPN: Social Policy (Sub-Topic)
                        ERPN: Voluntary & Not-for-Profit Studies (Sub-Topic)