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SSRN is dedicated to the worldwide dissemination of research. While we aim largely to assemble, brand, and disseminate early scholarly research contributions, we also offer information providers the opportunity to submit and distribute accepted or published papers via our service known as PARTNERS IN PUBLISHING.

Looking to enhance your journal’s reputation? Promote select authors who have made important contributions to your peer-reviewed publication? Entice journal subscriptions by seeding the SSRN community with interesting papers? Vend copyrighted articles? SSRN can help.

For more details, questions or pricing for Partners in Publishing, please contact Michael Magoulias, SSRN's Director of Operations, at michaelm@ssrn.com.

Economics Research Network Partners in Publishing

ERN Partners in Publishing Journals
      Bank of Greece Economic Bulletin subscribe_free
      ERN Annual Reviews Journals
            Annual Review of Economics subscribe_free
            Annual Review of Financial Economics subscribe_free
            Annual Review of Resource Economics subscribe_free
            Annual Review of Statistics & Its Application subscribe_free
      FEEM Briefs & FEEM Reports subscribe_free
      Journal of Entrepreneurial & Organizational Diversity (JEOD) subscribe_free
      Journal of Private Enterprise subscribe_free
      Transnational Corporations Journal subscribe_free