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Economics Research Network Conferences & Meetings

ERN Conferences & Meetings
      12th International RAIS Conference on Social Sciences & Humanities
      14th International RAIS Conference on Social Sciences & Humanities
      2009 Australian Conference of Economists (ACE09) (Archive)
      2011 SIBR Conference on Interdisciplinary Business & Economics Research: Advancing Knowledge from Interdisciplinary Perspectives (Archive)
      7th International RAIS Conference on Social Sciences (Archived)
      Bank of Italy Conferences
            1998 Indicators of Structural Budget Balances Conference (Archive)
            2000 Fiscal Sustainability Conference (Archive)
            2001 Fiscal Rules Conference (Archive)
            2002 The Impact of Fiscal Policy Conference (Archive)
            2003 Local Economies & Internationalization in Italy Conference (Archive)
            2003 Tax Policy Conference (Archive)
            2004 Public Debt Conference (Archive)
            2005 Financial Accounts: History, Methods, the Case of Italy & International Comparisons Conference (Archive)
            2005 Public Expenditure Conference (Archive)
            2006 Fiscal Indicators Conference (Archive)
            2007 Fiscal Policy: Current Issues & Challenges Conference (Archive)
            2007 Household Wealth in Italy Conference (Archive)
            2008 Fiscal Sustainability: Analytical Developments & Emerging Policy Issues Conference (Archive)
            2008 Policies for Local Development Conference (Archive)
            2009 Financial Market Regulation in the Wake of Financial Crises: The Historical Experience Conference (Archive)
            2009 Pension Reform, Fiscal Policy & Economic Performance Conference (Archive)
            2010 Banks, Local Credit Markets & Credit Supply Conference (Archive)
            2010 Fiscal Policy: Lessons from the Crisis Conference (Archive)
      Children & Youth in Crisis (Archive)
      European Business Research Conference Proceedings 2012 (Archive)
      Gruter Institute Project on Free Enterprise & Values
      Tourism in South East Europe 2011 (Archive)
      World Business & Economics Research Conference (Archive)