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The conference intended to promote high standards in technical education in the country by way of extending opportunities to academicians and working professionals by providing them a forum for sharing their innovations, invention and knowledge. It brought students, researchers and experts from industry and academia together on a common platform for sharing their knowledge, expertise and experience in the field of Thermal Systems, Materials and Design Engineering, which surely helped in bridging the gap between academic, research and industry which is the prime need of the day.

There was an overwhelming response from the aspiring delegates. Out of about 230 papers received, after careful plagiarism checks and reviewing, 107 papers were presented in parallel sessions in all Thermal, Materials and Design Engineering streams. Plenary sessions by faculties for Monash University, Australia, North Carolina University, USA, Defense Research and Development Organisation, India, Larsen & Toubro, India, etc. were of great interest for the delegates.

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