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Decision Science Research Network Subject Matter eJournals

DecisionSciRN Subject Matter eJournals
      Decision Neuroscience eJournal subscribe_fee
            DecisionSciRN: Brain Network Topology (Topic)
            DecisionSciRN: Cognitive Modeling (Topic)
                  DecisionSciRN: Eye Tracking (Sub-Topic)
                  DecisionSciRN: Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) (Sub-Topic)
                  DecisionSciRN: Hyperscanning (Sub-Topic)
                  DecisionSciRN: Other Cognitive Modeling (Sub-Topic)
            DecisionSciRN: Neuroeconomics (Topic)
                  DecisionSciRN: Other Neuroeconomics (Sub-Topic)
                  DecisionSciRN: Reward Systems (Sub-Topic)
                  DecisionSciRN: Temporal Discounting (Sub-Topic)
                  DecisionSciRN: Value Signaling (Sub-Topic)
            DecisionSciRN: Other Decision Neuroscience (Topic)
      Decision Science Educator: Courses, Cases & Teaching eJournal subscribe_fee
      Decision Science Negative Results eJournal subscribe_fee
      Decision-Making & Management Science eJournal subscribe_fee
            DecisionSciRN: Business Analytics (Topic)
                  DecisionSciRN: Decision Modeling (Sub-Topic)
                  DecisionSciRN: Descriptive Analytics (Sub-Topic)
                  DecisionSciRN: Other Business Analytics (Sub-Topic)
                  DecisionSciRN: Predictive Analytics (Sub-Topic)
                  DecisionSciRN: Prescriptive Analytics (Sub-Topic)
            DecisionSciRN: Business Intelligence (Topic)
                  DecisionSciRN: Business Decision Management (Sub-Topic)
                  DecisionSciRN: Data Management (Sub-Topic)
                  DecisionSciRN: Data Visualization (Sub-Topic)
                  DecisionSciRN: Environmental Scanning (Sub-Topic)
                  DecisionSciRN: Other Business Intelligence (Sub-Topic)
            DecisionSciRN: Decision-Making & Forecasting (Topic)
                  DecisionSciRN: Methods of Forecasting (Sub-Topic)
                  DecisionSciRN: Other Forecasting (Sub-Topic)
                  DecisionSciRN: Types of Forecasting (Sub-Topic)
            DecisionSciRN: Decision-Making & Performance Management (Topic)
                  DecisionSciRN: Corrective Action (Sub-Topic)
                  DecisionSciRN: Learning & Development (Sub-Topic)
                  DecisionSciRN: Other Performance Management (Sub-Topic)
                  DecisionSciRN: Recruiting & Hiring (Sub-Topic)
                  DecisionSciRN: Retention (Sub-Topic)
                  DecisionSciRN: Termination (Sub-Topic)
            DecisionSciRN: Decision-Making & Risk Management (Topic)
                  DecisionSciRN: Business Risks (Sub-Topic)
                  DecisionSciRN: Insurance Risk Management (Sub-Topic)
                  DecisionSciRN: Other Risk Management (Sub-Topic)
                  DecisionSciRN: Risk Techniques (Sub-Topic)
            DecisionSciRN: Decision-Making Authority (Topic)
                  DecisionSciRN: Corporate Governance Decision-Making (Sub-Topic)
                  DecisionSciRN: Other Decision-Making Authority (Sub-Topic)
            DecisionSciRN: Decision-Making in Marketing (Topic)
            DecisionSciRN: Entrepreneurial Decision-Making (Topic)
            DecisionSciRN: Leadership & Decision-Making (Topic)
            DecisionSciRN: Organizational Decision-Making (Topic)
            DecisionSciRN: Other Decision-Making & Management Science (Topic)
            DecisionSciRN: Supply Chain (Topic)
                  DecisionSciRN: Other Supply Chain (Sub-Topic)
                  DecisionSciRN: Supply Chain Operations (Sub-Topic)
                  DecisionSciRN: Supply Chain Planning (Sub-Topic)
                  DecisionSciRN: Supply Chain Strategies (Sub-Topic)
      Decision-Making in Computational Design & Technology eJournal subscribe_fee
            DecisionSciRN: Intelligent Decision Support Systems (Topic)
                  DecisionSciRN: Algorithmic Decision-Making (Sub-Topic)
                  DecisionSciRN: Computational Intelligence (Sub-Topic)
                  DecisionSciRN: Other Intelligent Decision Support Systems (Sub-Topic)
                  DecisionSciRN: Spatial-Temporal Reasoning (Sub-Topic)
                  DecisionSciRN: Web Analytics (Sub-Topic)
            DecisionSciRN: Other Decision-Making in Computational Design & Technology (Topic)
            DecisionSciRN: Persuasive Technologies (Topic)
                  DecisionSciRN: Dark Pattern Designs (Sub-Topic)
                  DecisionSciRN: Motivation & Reinforcement in UX Designs (Sub-Topic)
                  DecisionSciRN: Other Persuasive Technologies (Sub-Topic)
                  DecisionSciRN: Social Influence in UX Designs (Sub-Topic)
            DecisionSciRN: Technology Adoption & Diffusion (Topic)
                  DecisionSciRN: Digital Anthropology (Sub-Topic)
                  DecisionSciRN: Digital Transformation (Sub-Topic)
                  DecisionSciRN: Other Technology Adoption & Diffusion (Sub-Topic)
                  DecisionSciRN: Technology Policies (Sub-Topic)
                  DecisionSciRN: Technology Transfer (Sub-Topic)
      Decision-Making in Economics eJournal subscribe_fee
            DecisionSciRN: Econometric Decision Models (Topic)
            DecisionSciRN: Econometric Decision-Making (Topic)
            DecisionSciRN: Economic Decision Theory (Topic)
                  DecisionSciRN: Discounted Utility Theory (Sub-Topic)
                  DecisionSciRN: Equity Theory (Sub-Topic)
                  DecisionSciRN: Expected Value Theory (Sub-Topic)
                  DecisionSciRN: Mental Accounting (Sub-Topic)
                  DecisionSciRN: Nudge (Sub-Topic)
                  DecisionSciRN: Other Economic Decision Theory (Sub-Topic)
                  DecisionSciRN: Rational Inattention Theory (Sub-Topic)
                  DecisionSciRN: Sensitivity Analysis (Sub-Topic)
            DecisionSciRN: Financial Decision-Making (Topic)
                  DecisionSciRN: Buying Decisions (Sub-Topic)
                  DecisionSciRN: Consumer Decision-Making (Sub-Topic)
                  DecisionSciRN: Institutional Financial Decision-Making (Sub-Topic)
                  DecisionSciRN: Other Financial Decision-Making (Sub-Topic)
                  DecisionSciRN: Personal Financial Decision-Making (Sub-Topic)
                  DecisionSciRN: Pricing Decisions (Sub-Topic)
            DecisionSciRN: Investment Decision-Making (Topic)
                  DecisionSciRN: Decision-Making in Banking (Sub-Topic)
                  DecisionSciRN: Other Investment Decision-Making (Sub-Topic)
                  DecisionSciRN: Portfolio Management Decisions (Sub-Topic)
                  DecisionSciRN: Stock Market Decision-Making (Sub-Topic)
            DecisionSciRN: Other Decision-Making in Economics (Topic)
      Decision-Making in Engineering eJournal subscribe_fee
            DecisionSciRN: Cognitive Engineering (Topic)
            DecisionSciRN: Decision Engineering (Topic)
            DecisionSciRN: Engineering Design (Topic)
            DecisionSciRN: Knowledge-Based Engineering (Topic)
            DecisionSciRN: Other Decision-Making in Engineering (Topic)
      Decision-Making in Operations Research eJournal subscribe_fee
            DecisionSciRN: Bayesian Programming (Topic)
            DecisionSciRN: Combinatorial Programming (Topic)
            DecisionSciRN: Conic Programming (Topic)
            DecisionSciRN: Decision-Making in Mathematics (Topic)
                  DecisionSciRN: Fuzzy Mathematics (Sub-Topic)
                  DecisionSciRN: Logic (Sub-Topic)
                  DecisionSciRN: Other Decision-Making in Mathematics (Sub-Topic)
                  DecisionSciRN: Probability (Sub-Topic)
            DecisionSciRN: Integer Programming Problem (Topic)
            DecisionSciRN: Linear Problem Programming (Topic)
            DecisionSciRN: Multi-Armed Bandit (Topic)
            DecisionSciRN: Non-Linear Programming (Topic)
            DecisionSciRN: Other Decision-Making in Operations Research (Topic)
            DecisionSciRN: Problem Formation & Modeling (Topic)
            DecisionSciRN: Simulation Based Optimization (Topic)
                  DecisionSciRN: Dynamic Programming (Sub-Topic)
                  DecisionSciRN: Monte Carlo Simulation (Sub-Topic)
                  DecisionSciRN: Other Simulation-Based Optimization (Sub-Topic)
            DecisionSciRN: Stochastic Programming (Topic)
      Decision-Making in Public Policy & the Social Good eJournal subscribe_fee
            DecisionSciRN: Decision Making in Agriculture (Topic)
            DecisionSciRN: Decision Making in Education (Topic)
            DecisionSciRN: Decision-Making & National Security (Topic)
                  DecisionSciRN: Decision Making & Military Intelligence (Sub-Topic)
                  DecisionSciRN: Decision Support Systems for Disaster Management (Sub-Topic)
                  DecisionSciRN: Disaster Planning (Sub-Topic)
                  DecisionSciRN: Geo-Spatial Reasoning & Environmental Modeling (Sub-Topic)
                  DecisionSciRN: Other National Security (Sub-Topic)
                  DecisionSciRN: Protective Action Decision Model (Sub-Topic)
            DecisionSciRN: Decision-Making in Energy & Utilities (Topic)
                  DecisionSciRN: Climate Change & Energy Decision-Making (Sub-Topic)
                  DecisionSciRN: Energy Analysis (Sub-Topic)
                  DecisionSciRN: Exergy Analysis (Sub-Topic)
                  DecisionSciRN: Other Decision-Making in Energy & Utilities (Sub-Topic)
            DecisionSciRN: Decision-Making in Healthcare (Topic)
                  DecisionSciRN: Clinical Decision Support (Sub-Topic)
                  DecisionSciRN: Medical Decision-Making (MDM) (Sub-Topic)
                  DecisionSciRN: Network Meta-Analysis (Sub-Topic)
                  DecisionSciRN: Other Decision-Making in Healthcare (Sub-Topic)
                  DecisionSciRN: Supported Decision-Making (Sub-Topic)
            DecisionSciRN: Decision-Making in the Legal Field (Topic)
            DecisionSciRN: Legislative & Regulatory Decision-Making (Topic)
            DecisionSciRN: Other Decision-Making in Public Policy & the Social Good (Topic)
      Decision-Making Models & Tools eJournal subscribe_fee
            DecisionSciRN: Decision Trees (Topic)
            DecisionSciRN: Fuzzy Sets Theory (Topic)
            DecisionSciRN: Grid Analysis (Topic)
            DecisionSciRN: Influence Diagrams (Topic)
            DecisionSciRN: Multi-Criteria Decision-Making (MCDM) Methods (Topic)
                  DecisionSciRN: Analytic Hierarchy Process (Sub-Topic)
                  DecisionSciRN: Best Worst Method (Sub-Topic)
                  DecisionSciRN: Choosing by Advantages (Sub-Topic)
                  DecisionSciRN: Data Envelopment Analysis (Sub-Topic)
                  DecisionSciRN: Evidential Reasoning Approach (Sub-Topic)
                  DecisionSciRN: Grey Relational Analysis (Sub-Topic)
                  DecisionSciRN: Measuring Attractiveness by a Categorical-Based Evaluation Technique (MACBETH) (Sub-Topic)
                  DecisionSciRN: Other Multi-Criteria Decision-Making (MCDM) Methods (Sub-Topic)
                  DecisionSciRN: Technique for Order of Preference (TOPSIS) (Sub-Topic)
            DecisionSciRN: Other Decision-Making Models & Tools (Topic)
            DecisionSciRN: Probabilistic Graphical Models (Topic)
            DecisionSciRN: Value Trees (Topic)
      Human Behavior & Game Theory eJournal subscribe_fee
            DecisionSciRN: Adaptation & Decision Making (Topic)
            DecisionSciRN: Decision Making & Crowd Behavior (Topic)
            DecisionSciRN: Decision Making & Gender (Topic)
            DecisionSciRN: Decision Theory (Topic)
                  DecisionSciRN: Descriptive Decision Theory (Sub-Topic)
                  DecisionSciRN: Normative Decision Theory (Sub-Topic)
                  DecisionSciRN: Other Decision Theory (Sub-Topic)
            DecisionSciRN: Ethical Decision Making (Topic)
            DecisionSciRN: Evolutionary Game Theory (Topic)
                  DecisionSciRN: Cooperative & Non-Cooperative Games (Sub-Topic)
                  DecisionSciRN: Other Game Theory (Sub-Topic)
                  DecisionSciRN: Pure & Mixed Strategy Games (Sub-Topic)
                  DecisionSciRN: Solution Concepts (Sub-Topic)
                  DecisionSciRN: Strategic & Extensive Form Games (Sub-Topic)
            DecisionSciRN: Game Theory (Topic)
            DecisionSciRN: Meta Decision-Making (Topic)
            DecisionSciRN: Non-Rational Decision-Making (Topic)
                  DecisionSciRN: Bounded Rationality (Sub-Topic)
                  DecisionSciRN: Emotional Decision-Making (Sub-Topic)
                  DecisionSciRN: Framing Effect (Sub-Topic)
                  DecisionSciRN: Heuristics (Sub-Topic)
                  DecisionSciRN: Judgement & Biases in Decision-Making (Sub-Topic)
                  DecisionSciRN: Other Non-Rational Decision-Making (Sub-Topic)
            DecisionSciRN: Other Human Behavior & Game Theory (Topic)
            DecisionSciRN: Personality & Decision Making (Topic)
            DecisionSciRN: Psychology & Decision-Making (Topic)
                  DecisionSciRN: Other Psychology & Decision-Making (Sub-Topic)
                  DecisionSciRN: Risk Attitudes (Sub-Topic)
            DecisionSciRN: Rational Decision-Making (Topic)
                  DecisionSciRN: Ambiguity Aversion (Sub-Topic)
                  DecisionSciRN: Choice Theory (Sub-Topic)
                  DecisionSciRN: Expected Utility Theory (Sub-Topic)
                  DecisionSciRN: Loss Aversion (Sub-Topic)
                  DecisionSciRN: Methodological Individualism (Sub-Topic)
                  DecisionSciRN: Other Rational Decision-Making (Sub-Topic)
                  DecisionSciRN: Prospect Theory (Sub-Topic)
                  DecisionSciRN: Regret Theory (Sub-Topic)
                  DecisionSciRN: Robust Decision-Making (RDM) (Sub-Topic)