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Classics Research Network eJournal Taxonomy

CRN Subject Matter eJournals
      Ancient Greek & Roman History eJournal subscribe_free
            CRN: Greek History (Topic)
                  CRN: Aegean Bronze Age (Greek History) (Sub-Topic)
                  CRN: Classical Greece (Greek History) (Sub-Topic)
                  CRN: Greek Dark Ages (Greek History) (Sub-Topic)
                  CRN: Hellenistic Greece (Greek History) (Sub-Topic)
            CRN: Peripheral Cultures (History) (Topic)
            CRN: Roman History (Topic)
                  CRN: Early Empire (Roman History) (Sub-Topic)
                  CRN: Early Republic (Roman History) (Sub-Topic)
                  CRN: Etruscan & Early Italian (Roman History) (Sub-Topic)
                  CRN: Late Antiquity (Roman History) (Sub-Topic)
                  CRN: Middle & Late Empire (Roman History) (Sub-Topic)
                  CRN: Middle & Late Republic (Roman History) (Sub-Topic)
      Ancient Greek & Roman Linguistics eJournal subscribe_free
            CRN: General, Comparative Linguistics (Topic)
            CRN: Greek Linguistics (Topic)
            CRN: Latin Linguistics (Topic)
            CRN: Metrics (Topic)
            CRN: Minoan & Mycenaean Texts (Topic)
      Ancient Greek & Roman Literature eJournal subscribe_free
            CRN: General, Literary History, Literary Theory (Topic)
            CRN: Genres (Topic)
                  CRN: Drama (Sub-Topic)
                  CRN: Epic (Sub-Topic)
                  CRN: Epigram (Sub-Topic)
                  CRN: History & Biography (Sub-Topic)
                  CRN: Letters (Sub-Topic)
                  CRN: Lyric (Sub-Topic)
                  CRN: Novels (Sub-Topic)
                  CRN: Other Genres (Sub-Topic)
                  CRN: Rhetorical Texts (Sub-Topic)
            CRN: Greek Authors & Texts (Topic)
            CRN: Latin Authors & Texts (Topic)
      Ancient Greek Law eJournal subscribe_free
      Ancient Philosophical & Scientific Texts eJournal subscribe_free
            CRN: Ancient Biology (Topic)
            CRN: Ancient Epistemology (Topic)
            CRN: Ancient Ethics (Topic)
            CRN: Ancient General (Topic)
            CRN: Ancient Geology & Geography (Topic)
            CRN: Ancient Language (Topic)
            CRN: Ancient Logic (Topic)
            CRN: Ancient Mathematics & Physics (Topic)
            CRN: Ancient Medicine (Topic)
            CRN: Ancient Metaphysics (Topic)
            CRN: Ancient Ontology (Topic)
            CRN: Ancient Politics (Topic)
            CRN: Ancient Technology (Topic)
      Ancient Religions eJournal subscribe_free
            CRN: Christianity (Topic)
                  CRN: Cult (Sub-Topic)
                  CRN: History (Christianity) (Sub-Topic)
                  CRN: Theology (Sub-Topic)
            CRN: General, Comparative Religion (Topic)
            CRN: Greek Religion (Topic)
            CRN: Religions of Peripheral Cultures (Topic)
            CRN: Roman Religion (Topic)
      Ancient Roman Law eJournal subscribe_free
      Archeology & Material Culture eJournal subscribe_free
            CRN: Catalogues of Museums & Exhibitions (Topic)
            CRN: General, Methods & Techniques (Topic)
            CRN: Numismatics (Topic)
            CRN: Periods (Topic)
                  CRN: Aegean Bronze Age (Periods) (Sub-Topic)
                  CRN: Classical Greece (Periods) (Sub-Topic)
                  CRN: Early Empire (Periods) (Sub-Topic)
                  CRN: Early Republic (Periods) (Sub-Topic)
                  CRN: Etruscan & Early Italian (Periods) (Sub-Topic)
                  CRN: Greek Dark Ages (Periods) (Sub-Topic)
                  CRN: Hellenistic Greece (Periods) (Sub-Topic)
                  CRN: Late Antiquity (Periods) (Sub-Topic)
                  CRN: Middle & Late Empire (Periods) (Sub-Topic)
                  CRN: Middle & Late Republic (Periods) (Sub-Topic)
            CRN: Peripheral Cultures (Archeology) (Topic)
            CRN: Sites (Topic)
            CRN: Topology (Topic)
      Classical Tradition eJournal subscribe_free
      Classics Negative Results eJournal subscribe_free
      Epigraphy eJournal subscribe_free
            CRN: General (Epigraphy) (Topic)
            CRN: Greek Epigraphy (Topic)
            CRN: Latin Epigraphy (Topic)
      Law eJournal
            CRN: General (Law) (Topic)
            CRN: Greek Law (Topic)
            CRN: Roman Law (Topic)
      Other Classics Research eJournal subscribe_free
      Papyrology eJournal subscribe_free
            CRN: Documentary Papyri (Topic)
            CRN: General (Papyrology) (Topic)
            CRN: Literary Papyri (Topic)
      Social History eJournal subscribe_free
            CRN: General (Social History) (Topic)
            CRN: Greek Daily Life (Topic)
                  CRN: Aegean Bronze Age (Greek Daily Life) (Sub-Topic)
                  CRN: Classical Greece (Greek Daily Life) (Sub-Topic)
                  CRN: Greek Dark Ages (Greek Daily Life) (Sub-Topic)
                  CRN: Hellenistic Greece (Greek Daily Life) (Sub-Topic)
            CRN: Peripheral Cultures (Social History) (Topic)
            CRN: Roman Daily Life (Topic)
                  CRN: Early Empire (Roman Daily Life) (Sub-Topic)
                  CRN: Early Republic (Roman Daily Life) (Sub-Topic)
                  CRN: Etruscan & Early Italian (Roman Daily Life) (Sub-Topic)
                  CRN: Late Antiquity (Roman Daily Life) (Sub-Topic)
                  CRN: Middle & Late Empire (Roman Daily Life) (Sub-Topic)
                  CRN: Middle & Late Republic (Roman Daily Life) (Sub-Topic)
      Textual Transmission eJournal subscribe_free