Coronavirus Research Hub

SSRN’s Coronavirus Research Hub provides a curated view into new early-stage research to help researchers, public health authorities, clinicians, and the public understand, contain, and manage this disease. Rapidly evolving healthcare emergencies necessitate the quick dissemination of research. The growing role of early-stage research and preprints was acknowledged in the Ebola and Zika virus outbreaks as a way of accelerating the dissemination of scientific findings to support responses to infectious disease outbreaks. SSRN, Elsevier’s world-leading platform devoted to the rapid worldwide dissemination of early-stage research, is committed to making coronavirus-related research available quickly.

Areas of clinical research include, but are not limited to, mathematical modelling, epidemiology, testing, public health, clinical reporting, potential therapeutics, and vaccines. These types of clinical research papers are screened for disclosure of ethics, conflicts of interest, funding and trial registration (where appropriate). The Hub also includes research from interdisciplinary areas of study, such as the legal, political, financial, economic, and societal impacts of the pandemic.

Many of the papers included in this Hub are preprints: early-stage research papers that have not benefited from the pivotal role of peer-review, which validates and improves the quality of final published journal articles. The findings should not be used for clinical or public health decision-making and should not be presented to a lay audience without highlighting that they are preliminary and have not been peer-reviewed.

Content on SSRN is presented in the following categories:

• Medical & Epidemiology COVID-19 - on the COVID-19 global health crisis

• Interdisciplinary COVID-19 - related to public health, legal, economic, societal and fiscal implications



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