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Criminal Justice Research Network Subject Matter eJournals

CJRN Subject Matter eJournals
      Administration of Justice eJournal subscribe_fee
            CJRN: Constitutional & Legal Issues (Topic)
            CJRN: Courts (Topic)
            CJRN: Criminal Law (Topic)
            CJRN: Criminal Prosecution (Topic)
            CJRN: Criminal Sentencing (Topic)
            CJRN: Inequality & Justice (Topic)
            CJRN: Juvenile Justice System (Topic)
            CJRN: Law-Making & Legal Change (Topic)
            CJRN: Other Administration of Justice (Topic)
            CJRN: Specialty Courts (Topic)
      Corrections & Rehabilitation eJournal subscribe_fee
            CJRN: Capital Punishment (Topic)
            CJRN: Community Corrections (Topic)
            CJRN: Corrections Administration (Topic)
            CJRN: Institutional Corrections (Topic)
            CJRN: Mass Incarceration (Topic)
            CJRN: Other Corrections & Rehabilitation (Topic)
            CJRN: Prisoner Experiences (Topic)
            CJRN: Prisoner Re-Entry (Topic)
            CJRN: Rehabilitation & Treatment (Topic)
            CJRN: Restorative Justice (Topic)
      Correlates of Crime eJournal subscribe_fee
            CJRN: Biosocial/Biology (Topic)
            CJRN: Families & Peers (Topic)
            CJRN: Gangs & Crime (Topic)
            CJRN: Gender & Sex (Topic)
            CJRN: Guns & Gun Laws (Topic)
            CJRN: Immigration (Topic)
            CJRN: Neighborhoods (Topic)
            CJRN: Other Correlates of Crime (Topic)
            CJRN: Poverty & Social Class (Topic)
            CJRN: Race & Ethnicity (Topic)
            CJRN: Sexuality/LGBTQ+ (Topic)
      Crime & Psychology eJournal subscribe_fee
            CJRN: Correctional Psychology (Topic)
            CJRN: Criminal Mind & Behavior (Topic)
            CJRN: Forensic Psychology (Topic)
            CJRN: Mental Health & Crime (Topic)
            CJRN: Other Crime & Psychology (Topic)
            CJRN: Police Psychology (Topic)
            CJRN: Psychopathy (Topic)
      Criminal Justice Educator: Courses, Cases & Teaching eJournal subscribe_fee
      Criminal Justice Negative Results eJournal subscribe_fee
      Criminology eJournal subscribe_fee
            CJRN: Activism & Social Movements (Topic)
            CJRN: Attitudes Toward Crime (Topic)
            CJRN: Comparative Perspectives (Topic)
            CJRN: Criminological Theory (Topic)
            CJRN: Criminology Research Methodology (Topic)
            CJRN: Criminology Teaching & Education (Topic)
            CJRN: Critical Criminology (Topic)
            CJRN: Fear of Crime (Topic)
            CJRN: Media & Social Construction of Crime (Topic)
            CJRN: Other Criminology (Topic)
            CJRN: Victimization (Topic)
      Forensic Science eJournal subscribe_fee
            CJRN: Criminalistics (Topic)
            CJRN: Digital Forensics (Topic)
            CJRN: Forensic Engineering (Topic)
            CJRN: Forensic Toxicology (Topic)
            CJRN: Forensics Education (Topic)
            CJRN: Medical Examination (Topic)
            CJRN: Odontology (Topic)
            CJRN: Other Forensic Science (Topic)
            CJRN: Questioned Documents as Evidence (Topic)
            CJRN: Weapons & Firearms (Topic)
      Law Enforcement eJournal subscribe_fee
            CJRN: Crime Investigation (Topic)
            CJRN: Other Law Enforcement (Topic)
            CJRN: Police Evaluations (Topic)
            CJRN: Police Leadership & Organization (Topic)
            CJRN: Police Legitimacy (Topic)
            CJRN: Police Technology (Topic)
            CJRN: Police Training (Topic)
            CJRN: Police-Community Relations (Topic)
            CJRN: Policing Strategies (Topic)
            CJRN: Security & Crime Prevention (Topic)
      Types of Offending eJournal subscribe_fee
            CJRN: Crimes Against Humanity (Topic)
            CJRN: Cybercrime (Topic)
            CJRN: Drug Offenses (Topic)
            CJRN: Family & Intimate Partner Violence (Topic)
            CJRN: Organized Crime & Corruption (Topic)
            CJRN: Other Types of Offending (Topic)
            CJRN: Property & Public Order Crime (Topic)
            CJRN: Sex Offenses & Offenders (Topic)
            CJRN: Sex Work & Human Trafficking (Topic)
            CJRN: Terrorism & Homeland Security (Topic)
            CJRN: Violent Crime (Topic)
            CJRN: White-Collar, Occupational, & Corporate Crime (Topic)