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Tracing its origins to the beginning of the 1970s, the Lisbon Centre for Research in Private Law (CIDP - Centro de Investigação de Direito Privado), refounded in its current form in 2014, seeks to study, in a transversal and integrated manner, all aspects of Portuguese and European Private Law, doing so through a two-pronged approach: (i) devoting its resources to fund and enable research projects in a plurality of topics on Portuguese and European private law; and (ii) by playing a widely recognised role in the education and disclosure of scientific knowledge in all quadrants of the legal community, through its very sought-after courses, scientific events, conferences and workshops, which attract speakers and attendees from a wide variety of backgrounds and institutions.

CIDP has promoted the integration of a growing number of researchers in research projects and has observed an increased professionalisation of its activity, promoting research linked to experience and applied to legal practice and fostering the collaboration with other national and foreign research centers of reference. Today, CIDP is known as a research and development unit with undisputed merit, financially independent and sustainable and there is a noticeable growing demand for programmes organised by CIDP amongst the legal community.

The CIDP Research Paper Series aims to centralise relevant and on-going work of its researchers, both in English and in Portuguese, in one single point of entry, so that legal scholars and practitioners from across the world can freely access our scientific activity.

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