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The Canadian Tax Journal, first published in 1953, is the flagship research publication of the Canadian Tax Foundation. Published quarterly, it is relied on by policy analysts, accountants, lawyers, economists, business persons, and politicians as a multidisciplinary resource for the analysis, application, and interpretation of tax law, economics, and public finance in Canada.

The main articles are peer reviewed by members of an editorial board made up of tax practitioners and university faculty members. Regular features of the journal include Current Cases, Personal Tax Planning, International Tax Planning, Selected US Tax Developments, Corporate Tax Planning, and Current Tax Reading. The journal's Policy Forum section comprises both submitted and commissioned articles that provide expert analysis of, and a range of perspectives on, current debates about tax and fiscal policy.

The full text of all articles that have appeared in the Canadian Tax Journal since its first issue in 1953 can be found in the Canadian Tax Foundation's TaxFind database and, with a minimum one-year delay, in HeinOnline, ProQuest, and EBSCO's Business Source Ultimate database. Also, peer-reviewed articles since 1991 are publicly available on the Canadian Tax Journal's Issues Index web page. The Canadian Tax Journal is also indexed in LegalTrac, EconLit, Wolters Kluwer Canada's Canadian Income Tax Research Index, Carswell's Income Tax References, Canadian Periodicals Index, and Scott's Index to Canadian Legal Periodical Literature.


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