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The Canadian Law Review (CLR) was founded in 2021 as a not-for-profit organization which aims to empower youth to shape Canada's legal and public policy landscape by contributing to academic discussions about the law. CLR is a platform for an intergenerational community of legal minds who are committed to the understanding and development of Canadian law. Led by Juris Doctor students and distinguished legal professionals as Advisors, CLR provides an opportunity for current up-and-coming legal advocates to publish compositions that facilitate conversations about gaps, criticisms and solutions within jurisprudence and the practice of law in Canada. We promote legal innovation and discourse by elevating youth voices through our programs and initiatives. CLR brings together various generations of legal advocates and experts with young legal minds to share perspectives, while also mentoring those who will be the future leaders in the legal sphere. The articles are cultivated, selected, and edited based on the process of law school law reviews across Canada. We hope to see more students learn what it is like to write for a law review journal in our Junior Research Fellowship program which is provided to students who are interested in attending law school. And we hope to reach readers who are also interested in supporting educational opportunities for youth to engage in academic discussions about the law.


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