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This network contains research on all aspects of architectural discourse. The discipline of architecture is immense and difficult to delineate; it encompasses works of design, speculation, construction, theory, urbanism, history, science, criticism, and most of all: built form. Of fundamental concern to the practice of architecture is the creation of solid enclosure and composed space. While this dichotomy seems to produce a paradox, this solid/void interplay is at the heart of all works of architecture.

Combining aspects of engineering, art, and planning, architecture is inherently an interdisciplinary process relying heavily on the influence of outside factors such as economics, politics, and history. Architecture cannot exist disconnected from the world around it, which is why ArchRN provides such a critical link to the broader intellectual discourse of the time. Existing nowhere else, ArchRN is a platform on which to gather research from the contemporary discipline for the first time in any comprehensive structure. Until now, architecture has relied on a scattered array of loosely related journals, magazines, and websites. ArchRN aims to collect the scattered field into a cohesive whole that provides architects, historians, and theorist an outlet for and source of new information and inspiration.

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