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The Allen University (AU) Research Paper Series includes abstracts and papers in areas of human services, sociology, business, sports management, criminal justice, social justice, religion, environmental justice, biology, chemistry, elementary education, the arts, and humanities.

Allen University is a Christian liberal arts institution with emphasis on preparing leaders who are skilled in communication, critical thinking, and who possess high moral character. We will create a nurturing environment that fosters academic excellence and heightening our student's chances of succeeding in an ever diverse and global world. We will utilize various and creative paradigms, delivered in traditional and innovative modes. The vision for Allen University is driven by her call to serve the present age by providing opportunities to persons who seek to prepare themselves to fulfill their purpose.

Mission Statement:
Allen University is an academic community which provides students an opportunity to obtain associate, baccalaureate, and graduate degrees in liberal arts and professional programs in traditional and distance education formats. The University has a strong unalterable commitment to teaching in delivery of its associate, baccalaureate, and graduate programs.


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