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Agricultural Science Research Network Subject Matter eJournals

AgricSciRN Subject Matter Journals
      Agricultural Economics eJournal subscribe_fee
            AgriSciRN: Agribusiness (Topic)
            AgriSciRN: Agricultural & Food Policies by Region (Topic)
                  AgriSciRN: Food Policy in Africa (Sub-Topic)
                  AgriSciRN: Food Policy in Antarctica (Sub-Topic)
                  AgriSciRN: Food Policy in Asia (Sub-Topic)
                  AgriSciRN: Food Policy in Australia (Sub-Topic)
                  AgriSciRN: Food Policy in Europe (Sub-Topic)
                  AgriSciRN: Food Policy in North America (Sub-Topic)
                  AgriSciRN: Food Policy in South America (Sub-Topic)
                  AgriSciRN: Other Food Policy (Sub-Topic)
            AgriSciRN: Agricultural Aggregate Supply Analysis (Topic)
            AgriSciRN: Agricultural Cooperatives (Topic)
            AgriSciRN: Agricultural Finance (Topic)
            AgriSciRN: Agricultural Research & Development (Topic)
            AgriSciRN: Agriculture & International Trade (Topic)
            AgriSciRN: Economic Entomology (Topic)
            AgriSciRN: Food & Nutrition Economics (Topic)
            AgriSciRN: Irrigation (Topic)
            AgriSciRN: Land Ownership & Tenure (Topic)
            AgriSciRN: Land Reform (Topic)
            AgriSciRN: Land Uses & Capabilities (Topic)
            AgriSciRN: Micro Analysis of Farms (Topic)
            AgriSciRN: Other Agriculture Economics (Topic)
            AgriSciRN: Prices of Agricultural Products (Topic)
      Agricultural Law & Policy eJournal subscribe_fee
      Agricultural Science Education eJournal subscribe_fee
            AgriSciRN: Agricultural Extension Services (Topic)
            AgriSciRN: Classroom & Supervised Instruction (Topic)
            AgriSciRN: Other Agricultural Education (Topic)
      Agricultural Science Educator: Courses, Cases & Teaching eJournal subscribe_fee
      Agricultural Science Negative Results eJournal subscribe_fee
      Agricultural Soil Science eJournal subscribe_fee
            AgriSciRN: Modeling in Soil Science (Topic)
            AgriSciRN: Other Agricultural Soil Science (Topic)
            AgriSciRN: Soil (Topic)
                  AgriSciRN: Other Soil (Sub-Topic)
                  AgriSciRN: Soil Classification (Sub-Topic)
                  AgriSciRN: Soil Composition (Sub-Topic)
                  AgriSciRN: Soil Function (Sub-Topic)
                  AgriSciRN: Soil Health & Quality (Sub-Topic)
                  AgriSciRN: Soil Morphology (Sub-Topic)
            AgriSciRN: Soil Biology (Topic)
                  AgriSciRN: Other Soil Biology (Sub-Topic)
                  AgriSciRN: Soil Biochemistry (Sub-Topic)
                  AgriSciRN: Soil Biotechnology (Sub-Topic)
                  AgriSciRN: Soil Microbiology (Sub-Topic)
                  AgriSciRN: Soil Respiration (Sub-Topic)
                  AgriSciRN: Soil Zoology (Sub-Topic)
            AgriSciRN: Soil Chemistry (Topic)
                  AgriSciRN: Other Soil Chemistry (Sub-Topic)
                  AgriSciRN: Soil Organic & Inorganic Chemistry (Sub-Topic)
                  AgriSciRN: Soil pH (Sub-Topic)
                  AgriSciRN: Soil Salinity (Sub-Topic)
            AgriSciRN: Soil Ecology (Topic)
                  AgriSciRN: Biotic Interactions in Soil (Sub-Topic)
                  AgriSciRN: Other Soil Ecology (Sub-Topic)
                  AgriSciRN: Soil Biodiversity (Sub-Topic)
                  AgriSciRN: Soil Molecular Ecology (Sub-Topic)
            AgriSciRN: Soil Hydrology (Topic)
            AgriSciRN: Soil Physics (Topic)
      Agricultural Sustainability & Security eJournal subscribe_fee
            AgriSciRN: Agricultural Waste Recovery & Recycling (Topic)
            AgriSciRN: Environmental Impact of Agriculture (Topic)
            AgriSciRN: Environmentally Sustainable Animal Production (Topic)
            AgriSciRN: Environmentally Sustainable Plant Production (Topic)
            AgriSciRN: Other Agricultural Sustainability & Security (Topic)
            AgriSciRN: Water Conservation (Topic)
      Agriculture Engineering eJournal subscribe_fee
            AgriSciRN: Agricultural Instrumentation (Topic)
            AgriSciRN: Agricultural Mechanization (Topic)
            AgriSciRN: Agricultural Storage Systems (Topic)
            AgriSciRN: Agricultural Technology (Topic)
                  AgriSciRN: Agricultural Nanotechnology (Sub-Topic)
                  AgriSciRN: Climate Smart Agricultural Technologies (Sub-Topic)
                  AgriSciRN: Other Agricultural Technology (Sub-Topic)
                  AgriSciRN: Robotics & Sensing Technologies (Sub-Topic)
            AgriSciRN: Agricultural Tools & Machinery (Topic)
                  AgriSciRN: Agricultural Standards & Quality (Topic)
                  AgriSciRN: Earthmoving Equipment (Sub-Topic)
                  AgriSciRN: Farm Work Systems (Sub-Topic)
                  AgriSciRN: Mechanized Cropping (Sub-Topic)
                  AgriSciRN: Other Agricultural Tools & Machinery (Sub-Topic)
                  AgriSciRN: Terramechanics (Sub-Topic)
                  AgriSciRN: Tillage Machinery (Sub-Topic)
            AgriSciRN: Animal Housing Systems (Topic)
            AgriSciRN: New Trends in Agricultural Engineering (Topic)
            AgriSciRN: Other Agriculture Engineering (Topic)
      Agriculture Products eJournal subscribe_fee
            AgriSciRN: Agricultural Animal Products (Topic)
                  AgriSciRN: Dairy (Sub-Topic)
                  AgriSciRN: Meat (Sub-Topic)
                  AgriSciRN: Other Agricultural Animal Products (Sub-Topic)
                  AgriSciRN: Poultry (Sub-Topic)
                  AgriSciRN: Seafood (Sub-Topic)
            AgriSciRN: Agricultural Plant Products (Topic)
                  AgriSciRN: Fruits (Sub-Topic)
                  AgriSciRN: Grains (Sub-Topic)
                  AgriSciRN: Legumes (Sub-Topic)
                  AgriSciRN: Other Agricultural Plant Products (Sub-Topic)
                  AgriSciRN: Vegetables (Sub-Topic)
            AgriSciRN: Industrial Animal Products (Topic)
            AgriSciRN: Industrial Plant Products (Topic)
                  AgriSciRN: Biologically Active Compounds (Sub-Topic)
                  AgriSciRN: Essential Oils (Sub-Topic)
                  AgriSciRN: Gum (Sub-Topic)
                  AgriSciRN: Other Industrial Plant Products (Sub-Topic)
                  AgriSciRN: Plant Extracts (Sub-Topic)
                  AgriSciRN: Plant Wax (Sub-Topic)
                  AgriSciRN: Rubber (Sub-Topic)
            AgriSciRN: Other Agricultural Products (Topic)
            AgriSciRN: Processed Non-Food Agricultural Products (Topic)
      Agronomy eJournal subscribe_fee
            AgriSciRN: Agricultural Land (Topic)
                  AgriSciRN: Agricultural Land Planning & Management (Sub-Topic)
                  AgriSciRN: Grasslands (Sub-Topic)
                  AgriSciRN: Other Agricultural Land (Sub-Topic)
                  AgriSciRN: Plantations (Sub-Topic)
                  AgriSciRN: Rangelands (Sub-Topic)
                  AgriSciRN: Wetlands (Sub-Topic)
            AgriSciRN: Agricultural Techniques (Topic)
                  AgriSciRN: Fertigation (Sub-Topic)
                  AgriSciRN: Harvesting Techniques (Sub-Topic)
                  AgriSciRN: Other Agricultural Techniques (Sub-Topic)
                  AgriSciRN: Pasture Management (Sub-Topic)
                  AgriSciRN: Plant Breeding & Production (Sub-Topic)
                  AgriSciRN: Seed Production (Sub-Topic)
                  AgriSciRN: Sowing (Sub-Topic)
            AgriSciRN: Agronomy Disciplines (Topic)
                  AgriSciRN: Agricultural Water Management (Sub-Topic)
                  AgriSciRN: Agroecology (Sub-Topic)
                  AgriSciRN: Agrometeorology (Sub-Topic)
                  AgriSciRN: Crop Science (Sub-Topic)
                  AgriSciRN: Other Agronomy Disciplines (Sub-Topic)
                  AgriSciRN: Plant Pathology (Sub-Topic)
                  AgriSciRN: Plant Protection (Sub-Topic)
            AgriSciRN: Agronomy Scientific Tools (Topic)
                  AgriSciRN: Agricultural Spatial Analysis (Sub-Topic)
                  AgriSciRN: Agricultural Spatial Modeling (Sub-Topic)
                  AgriSciRN: Agricultural Systems Modeling (Sub-Topic)
                  AgriSciRN: Experimental Designs in Agriculture (Sub-Topic)
                  AgriSciRN: Expert Systems in Agriculture (Sub-Topic)
                  AgriSciRN: Other Agronomy Scientific Tools (Sub-Topic)
                  AgriSciRN: Statistics in Agriculture (Sub-Topic)
            AgriSciRN: Farming Management (Topic)
            AgriSciRN: Farming Systems (Topic)
                  AgriSciRN: Greenhouses (Sub-Topic)
                  AgriSciRN: Livestock Management (Sub-Topic)
                  AgriSciRN: No-Till Farming (Sub-Topic)
                  AgriSciRN: Organic Farming (Sub-Topic)
                  AgriSciRN: Other Farming Systems (Sub-Topic)
                  AgriSciRN: Poultry Farming (Sub-Topic)
                  AgriSciRN: Precision Agriculture (Sub-Topic)
            AgriSciRN: Other Agronomy (Topic)
      Animal Science eJournal subscribe_fee
            AgriSciRN: Animal Body Systems (Topic)
            AgriSciRN: Animal Farm Management (Topic)
            AgriSciRN: Animal Health Management (Topic)
                  AgriSciRN: Other Animal Health Management (Sub-Topic)
                  AgriSciRN: Therapeutics for Animal Health (Sub-Topic)
                  AgriSciRN: Veterinary Epidemiology (Sub-Topic)
                  AgriSciRN: Veterinary Hygiene (Sub-Topic)
                  AgriSciRN: Veterinary Immunology (Sub-Topic)
                  AgriSciRN: Veterinary Pathology (Sub-Topic)
                  AgriSciRN: Veterinary Vaccinology (Sub-Topic)
            AgriSciRN: Animal Management (Topic)
            AgriSciRN: Animal Nutrition (Topic)
            AgriSciRN: Animal Physiology (Topic)
            AgriSciRN: Animal Production (Topic)
                  AgriSciRN: Animal Production Ethics (Sub-Topic)
                  AgriSciRN: Animal Production System (Sub-Topic)
                  AgriSciRN: Other Animal Production (Sub-Topic)
            AgriSciRN: Animal Rights & Welfare (Topic)
            AgriSciRN: Animal Species (Topic)
                  AgriSciRN: Aquatic Species (Sub-Topic)
                  AgriSciRN: Endangered Species (Sub-Topic)
                  AgriSciRN: Exotic Animal Species (Sub-Topic)
                  AgriSciRN: Farm Animals (Sub-Topic)
                  AgriSciRN: Game Species (Sub-Topic)
                  AgriSciRN: Insects (Sub-Topic)
                  AgriSciRN: Other Animal Species (Sub-Topic)
                  AgriSciRN: Wildlife Species (Sub-Topic)
                  AgriSciRN: Zoo Animal Species (Sub-Topic)
            AgriSciRN: Aquaculture Science (Topic)
                  AgriSciRN: Aquaculture Production Science (Sub-Topic)
                  AgriSciRN: Aquaculture Types (Sub-Topic)
                  AgriSciRN: Other Aquaculture Science (Sub-Topic)
            AgriSciRN: Dairy Science (Topic)
            AgriSciRN: Entomology (Topic)
            AgriSciRN: Genetically Engineered Animals (Topic)
            AgriSciRN: Laboratory Animal Science (Topic)
            AgriSciRN: Meat Science (Topic)
            AgriSciRN: Other Animal Science (Topic)
            AgriSciRN: Poultry Science (Topic)
            AgriSciRN: Veterinary Science (Topic)
      Forestry eJournal subscribe_fee
            AgriSciRN: Agroforestry (Topic)
            AgriSciRN: Forest Inventory (Topic)
            AgriSciRN: Forest Products (Topic)
            AgriSciRN: Other Forestry (Topic)
            AgriSciRN: Silviculture (Topic)
            AgriSciRN: Tree Improvement (Topic)
            AgriSciRN: Urban Forestry (Topic)
      Horticulture eJournal subscribe_fee
            AgriSciRN: Genetically Engineered Crops (Topic)
            AgriSciRN: Horticultural Crop Development (Topic)
            AgriSciRN: Horticultural Crop Growth (Topic)
            AgriSciRN: Horticultural Crop Improvement (Topic)
            AgriSciRN: Horticultural Crop Protection (Topic)
            AgriSciRN: Horticultural Nursery Management (Topic)
            AgriSciRN: Horticultural Techniques (Topic)
                  AgriSciRN: Grafting in Plants (Sub-Topic)
                  AgriSciRN: Hydroponics (Sub-Topic)
                  AgriSciRN: Other Horticultural Techniques (Sub-Topic)
                  AgriSciRN: Pruning (Sub-Topic)
            AgriSciRN: Horticulture Studies (Topic)
                  AgriSciRN: Dormancy Studies (Sub-Topic)
                  AgriSciRN: Other Horticulture Studies (Sub-Topic)
                  AgriSciRN: Pollination Studies (Sub-Topic)
                  AgriSciRN: Yield Studies (Sub-Topic)
            AgriSciRN: Medicinal & Aromatic Plants (Topic)
            AgriSciRN: Other Horticulture (Topic)
            AgriSciRN: Post Harvest Horticultural Technology (Topic)