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Anthropology & Archaeology Research Network Research Paper Series

AARN Subject Matter eJournals
      Anthropology & Archaeology Negative Results eJournal subscribe_fee
            AARN: Negative Results - Anthropology of Agriculture & Nutrition (Topic)
            AARN: Negative Results - Anthropology of Education (Topic)
            AARN: Negative Results - Anthropology of Religion (Topic)
            AARN: Negative Results - Applied & Practicing Anthropology (Topic)
            AARN: Negative Results - Archaeology (Topic)
            AARN: Negative Results - Biological Anthropology (Topic)
            AARN: Negative Results - Cultural Anthropology (Topic)
            AARN: Negative Results - Culture Area Studies (Topic)
            AARN: Negative Results - Environmental Anthropology (Topic)
            AARN: Negative Results - Legal Anthropology (Topic)
            AARN: Negative Results - Linguistic Anthropology (Topic)
            AARN: Negative Results - Medical Anthropology (Topic)
            AARN: Negative Results - Political Anthropology (Topic)
            AARN: Negative Results - Psychological Anthropology (Topic)
            AARN: Negative Results - Urban & Transnational Anthropology (Topic)
      Anthropology of Agriculture & Nutrition eJournal subscribe_fee
            AARN: Agriculture (Topic)
            AARN: Nutrition & Food (Topic)
            AARN: Other Anthropology of Agriculture & Nutrition (Topic)
      Anthropology of Education eJournal subscribe_fee
            AARN: Educational Policies & Equality (Topic)
            AARN: Learning & Teaching (Topic)
                  AARN: Learning & Students (Sub-Topic)
                  AARN: Teaching & Teachers (Sub-Topic)
            AARN: Other Anthropology of Education (Topic)
            AARN: Schools (Topic)
      Anthropology of Religion eJournal subscribe_fee
            AARN: Case Studies of Religious Groups (Topic)
                  AARN: African Religions (Sub-Topic)
                  AARN: Buddhism (Sub-Topic)
                  AARN: Christianity (Sub-Topic)
                  AARN: Hinduism (Sub-Topic)
                  AARN: Islam (Sub-Topic)
                  AARN: Judaism (Sub-Topic)
                  AARN: Other Religious Groups (Sub-Topic)
            AARN: Other Anthropology of Religion (Topic)
            AARN: Religion & Theory (Topic)
                  AARN: Religious Beliefs & Experiences (Sub-Topic)
                  AARN: Religious Practices (Sub-Topic)
      Applied & Practicing Anthropology eJournal subscribe_fee
            AARN: Other Applied & Practicing Anthropology (Topic)
            AARN: Public & Practicing Anthropology (Topic)
            AARN: Theory & Method in Applied Anthropology (Topic)
            AARN: Topics of Concern in Applied Anthropology (Topic)
                  AARN: Applied Archaeology (Topic)
                  AARN: Applied Biological Anthropology & Forensic Anthropology (Topic)
                  AARN: Applied Linguistic Anthropology (Topic)
                  AARN: Applied Medical Anthropology (Topic)
                  AARN: Development (Sub-Topic)
                  AARN: Social Justice & Human Rights (Sub-Topic)
                  AARN: Usability & Product Design Studies (Sub-Topic)
      Archaeology eJournal subscribe_fee
            AARN: Anthropological Archaeology (Topic)
                  AARN: Cognitive Archaeology (Sub-Topic)
                  AARN: Conflict/Warfare (Sub-Topic)
                  AARN: Domestic or Household Archaeology (Sub-Topic)
                  AARN: Environmental & Ecological Archaeology & Human Behavioral Ecology (Sub-Topic)
                  AARN: Gender Studies (Sub-Topic)
                  AARN: Maritime/Underwater Archaeology (Sub-Topic)
                  AARN: Prehistoric Societies & Sites (Sub-Topic)
                  AARN: Ritual & Religion (Sub-Topic)
                  AARN: Subsistence Systems (Sub-Topic)
                  AARN: Trade, Commerce, & Transportation (Sub-Topic)
                  AARN: Urban Archaeology & the Study of Empires (Sub-Topic)
            AARN: Applied Archaeology (Topic)
            AARN: Archaeological Methods & Methodology (Topic)
            AARN: Archaeology as a Field (Topic)
            AARN: Historical Archaeology (Topic)
            AARN: Other Archaeology (Topic)
      Biology & Anthropology eJournal subscribe_fee
            AARN: Applied Biological Anthropology & Forensic Anthropology (Topic)
            AARN: Human Biology (Topic)
                  AARN: Anthropological Genomics (Sub-Topic)
                  AARN: Evolution & Modern Humans (Sub-Topic)
                  AARN: Modern Human Variation (Sub-Topic)
                  AARN: Nutrition & Medicine (Sub-Topic)
            AARN: Human Ecology & Behavioral Ecology (Topic)
            AARN: Methods in Biological Anthropology (Topic)
            AARN: Neuroanthropology (Topic)
            AARN: Other Biology & Anthropology (Topic)
            AARN: Paleoanthropology (Topic)
            AARN: Primatology (Topic)
            AARN: The Evolution of Social Behavior (Topic)
      Cross-Cultural Studies eJournal subscribe_fee
            AARN: Anthropology of Agriculture & Nutrition (Cross-Cultural) (Topic)
            AARN: Anthropology of Education (Cross-Cultural) (Topic)
            AARN: Anthropology of Religion (Cross-Cultural) (Topic)
            AARN: Applied Anthropology (Cross-Cultural) (Topic)
            AARN: Archaeology (Cross-Cultural) (Topic)
            AARN: Biological Anthropology (Cross-Cultural) (Topic)
            AARN: Cultural Anthropology (Cross-Cultural) (Topic)
            AARN: Environmental Anthropology (Cross-Cultural) (Topic)
            AARN: Linguistic Anthropology (Cross-Cultural) (Topic)
            AARN: Medical Anthropology (Cross-Cultural) (Topic)
            AARN: Political Anthropology (Cross-Cultural) (Topic)
            AARN: Psychological Anthropology (Cross-Cultural) (Topic)
            AARN: Urban & Transnational Anthropology (Cross-Cultural) (Topic)
      Cultural Anthropology eJournals
            Anthropology of Peace & Violence eJournal subscribe_fee
                  AARN: Other Anthropology of Peace & Violence (Topic)
                  AARN: Peace & Reconciliation (Topic)
                  AARN: Violence & Crime (Topic)
                  AARN: Violence & War (Topic)
            Cultural Anthropology eJournal subscribe_fee
                  AARN: History & Ethnohistory (Topic)
                  AARN: Human Borders - Animals, Science & Technology, & Material Culture (Topic)
                        AARN: Human-Animal Studies (Sub-Topic)
                        AARN: Material Culture Studies (Human) (Sub-Topic)
                        AARN: Science & Technology Studies (Sub-Topic)
                  AARN: Kinship, Gender, the Body & Sexuality (Topic)
                        AARN: Kinship & Gender (Sub-Topic)
                        AARN: Sexuality (Sub-Topic)
                        AARN: The Body (Sub-Topic)
                  AARN: Methods & Ethics in Cultural Anthropology (Topic)
                        AARN: Ethnographic Writing & Representing Data (Sub-Topic)
                        AARN: Research Methods (Sub-Topic)
                        AARN: The Ethics of Anthropological Research (Sub-Topic)
                  AARN: Other Cultural Anthropology (Topic)
                  AARN: Political Anthropology & Legal Anthropology (Topic)
                        AARN: Civil Society, Civic Engagement, Social Movements & Protest (Sub-Topic)
                        AARN: Legal Anthropology (Sub-Topic)
                        AARN: Political Organization: States & Nations (Sub-Topic)
                        AARN: Theorizing Politics & Power (Cultural) (Sub-Topic)
                  AARN: Race, Ethnicity, & Indigenous People (Topic)
                        AARN: Indigenous Peoples (Sub-Topic)
                        AARN: Race & Ethnicity (Sub-Topic)
                  AARN: The History of Cultural Anthropology (Topic)
                  AARN: Theory (Topic)
                        AARN: Emerging Areas of Theory (Sub-Topic)
                        AARN: Identity & Culture (Sub-Topic)
                        AARN: Materialist Theory (Sub-Topic)
                        AARN: Modern Social Theory/Critical Theory (Sub-Topic)
                  AARN: Visual Anthropology, Media Studies, & Performance (Topic)
                        AARN: Performance (Sub-Topic)
                        AARN: Visual Anthropology & Media Studies (Sub-Topic)
            Economic Anthropology eJournal subscribe_fee
                  AARN: Class & Status (Topic)
                  AARN: Consumption & Economic Exchange (Topic)
                  AARN: Corporations (Topic)
                  AARN: Other Economic Anthropology (Topic)
                  AARN: State Economies & Economic Change (Topic)
                  AARN: Work & Labor (Topic)
      Culture Area Studies eJournal subscribe_fee
            AARN: Africa (Topic)
            AARN: Asia & Central Asia (Topic)
            AARN: East Asia (Topic)
            AARN: Europe (Topic)
            AARN: Latin America & South America (Topic)
            AARN: Middle East (Topic)
            AARN: North America (Topic)
            AARN: Other Culture Area Studies (Topic)
            AARN: South Asia (Topic)
            AARN: South East Asia, Oceania, & the Pacific Region (Topic)
      Environmental Anthropology eJournal subscribe_fee
            AARN: Cultural Ecology & Subsistence (Topic)
            AARN: Natural Disasters (Topic)
            AARN: Other Environmental Anthropology (Topic)
            AARN: Political Ecology (Topic)
                  AARN: Energy & Climate Change (Sub-Topic)
                  AARN: Environmentalism (Sub-Topic)
                  AARN: Politics & Land Use (Sub-Topic)
                  AARN: Politics & Water Use (Sub-Topic)
            AARN: Space, Place, & Tourism (Topic)
      Legal Anthropology eJournals
            Legal Anthropology eJournal, Archives of Vols. 1-3, 2016-18
                  AARN: Criminal Law (Topic)
                  AARN: Cross-Cultural Legal Systems & International Law (Topic)
                  AARN: Family Law (Topic)
                  AARN: Laws & Constitutions (Topic)
                  AARN: Other Legal Anthropology (Topic)
                  AARN: The Legal Profession (Topic)
            Legal Anthropology: Criminal Law eJournal subscribe_fee
                  AARN: Criminal Law (Topic)
                  AARN: Criminal Procedure (Topic)
                  AARN: Criminology (Topic)
                  AARN: Other Legal Anthropology: Criminal Law (Topic)
            Legal Anthropology: Family Law eJournal subscribe_fee
                  AARN: Marriage & Children (Topic)
                  AARN: Other Legal Anthropology: Family Law (Topic)
                  AARN: Wills & Inheritance (Topic)
            Legal Anthropology: Law in Global Context eJournal subscribe_fee
                  AARN: Comparative Law (Topic)
                  AARN: International Law (Topic)
                  AARN: Legal Systems (Topic)
                  AARN: Other Legal Anthropology: Law in Global Context (Topic)
            Legal Anthropology: Laws & Constitutions eJournal subscribe_fee
                  AARN: Constitutions (Topic)
                  AARN: Economic Law (Topic)
                  AARN: Environmental Law (Topic)
                  AARN: Jurisprudence (Topic)
                  AARN: Law of Technology, Innovation, & Media (Topic)
                  AARN: Laws & Legislation (Topic)
                  AARN: Minority Rights & Protections (Topic)
                  AARN: Other Legal Anthropology: Laws & Constitutions (Topic)
            Legal Anthropology: The Legal Profession eJournal subscribe_fee
                  AARN: Legal Education (Topic)
                  AARN: Legal Practice (Topic)
                  AARN: Other Legal Anthropology: The Legal Profession (Topic)
      Linguistic Anthropology eJournal subscribe_fee
            AARN: Applied Linguistic Anthropology (Topic)
            AARN: Language Evolution & Change (Topic)
            AARN: Language Socialization (Topic)
            AARN: Language, Culture & Power (Topic)
                  AARN: Identity & Belonging (Sub-Topic)
                  AARN: Language & Power (Sub-Topic)
                  AARN: Language & Thought (Sub-Topic)
                  AARN: Space & Place (Sub-Topic)
            AARN: Linguistic Studies (Topic)
            AARN: Other Linguistic Anthropology (Topic)
      Medical Anthropology eJournal subscribe_fee
            AARN: Applied Medical Anthropology (Topic)
            AARN: Health & Illness (Topic)
                  AARN: Health Care Approaches (Sub-Topic)
                  AARN: Illness Case Studies (Sub-Topic)
                  AARN: Reproduction & Infant, Child & Maternal Health & Welfare (Sub-Topic)
            AARN: Medicine & Ethics (Topic)
            AARN: Other Medical Anthropology (Topic)
            AARN: Public & Global Health & Emerging Diseases (Topic)
            AARN: Science, Technology, & Medicine (Topic)
      Other Anthropology & Archaeology Research eJournal subscribe_fee
      Political Anthropology eJournal subscribe_fee
            AARN: Civil Society, Social Movements & Citizenship (Topic)
                  AARN: Citizenship (Sub-Topic)
                  AARN: Civil Society & Social Movements (Sub-Topic)
            AARN: Other Political Anthropology (Topic)
            AARN: Political Organization (Topic)
                  AARN: Nations & Nationalism (Sub-Topic)
                  AARN: State & Non-State Political Organization (Sub-Topic)
                  AARN: State Formation & Transformation (Sub-Topic)
            AARN: Theorizing Politics & Power (Political) (Topic)
      Psychological Anthropology eJournal subscribe_fee
            AARN: Cognitive Anthropology (Topic)
            AARN: Life Stage Studies (Topic)
            AARN: Other Psychological Anthropology (Topic)
            AARN: Psychological Disorders & Psychology in Practice (Topic)
            AARN: Psychology & Culture (Topic)
                  AARN: Affect (Sub-Topic)
                  AARN: Perception (Sub-Topic)
                  AARN: Psychological & Subjective Experience (Sub-Topic)
      Urban & Transnational Anthropology eJournal subscribe_fee
            AARN: Globalization & Transnationalism (Topic)
            AARN: Local, National & International Milieus (Topic)
            AARN: Migration (Topic)
            AARN: Other Urban & Transnational Anthropology (Topic)
            AARN: Urban Studies (Topic)