We are pleased to announce that NeuroImage: Clinical has joined the First Look program as SSRN's newest journal partner. NeuroImage: Clinical publishes articles covering diseases, disorders and syndromes involving the nervous system and provides a vehicle for communicating important advances in the study of abnormal structure-function relationships of the human nervous system based on imaging. As part of their ongoing commitment to rapid publication they are delighted to be involved in SSRN's First Look program as part of SSRN's newly launched Medical Research Network. This is an author opt-in preview of the papers currently under consideration by the journal. These papers are posted to First Look prior to peer review and their status will be updated once the review process has been completed.


First Look is a new way for journals and other research experts to identify content of interest prior to publication. It can include a wide range of early stage content types including working papers, proceedings, preprints and papers under consideration. First Look is a partnership between SSRN and some of the world's most influential journals to provide rapid, early and open access to evolving scholarly research.

Interested in having your journal associated with groundbreaking medical research? Or maybe you are a scholar looking to share new ideas faster and to a larger audience? To learn more about First Look, visit SSRN Solutions for more information or send an email to first-look@ssrn.com with any questions pertaining to this new SSRN program.

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