Announcing Sixth Annual International Conference on Engaged Management Scholarship Online Proceedings on SSRN

In cooperation with the Executive Doctor of Business Administration Council (EDBAC) and the University of Paris-Dauphine, the Management Research Network (MRN) is pleased to announce The Sixth International Conference on Engaged Management Scholarship Online Proceedings. These proceedings are available to all users at no charge and contain abstracts of the conference papers with links to the full text in the SSRN eLibrary.

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If the United States constitutes the cradle of doctoral studies in management, the programs that aim at professional managers have developed rapidly in Europe over the past 10 years, especially in the UK and in France. Scholars in management now look all over the world to define their research questions, to share their findings and to implement in various types of organizations the recommendations that emerge from their work. This sixth edition of the world forum for doctoral studies in management dedicated to professionals was held in Paris for the sixth edition. It has allowed US participants to cross the Atlantic Ocean, both literally and figuratively. It has generated stimulating exchanges and hopefully collaborations between researchers from various continents. Indeed, we also aim at looking towards Australia, Africa and Asia, especially China, as these programs develop in these areas as well, based upon different research traditions. The participation of researchers from all continents has enabled us to grasp various meanings of research, notably through its geopolitical and cultural dimensions.

EMS 2016 in Paris, France

The Executive Doctorate in Business Administration Council (EDBAC) an organization representing more than 40 member schools in ten countries organizes the conference annually. EDBAC promotes the value of engaged management scholarship and seeks to raise its profile internationally.

The conference is the premier international meeting place for doctoral students, alumni, faculty and managers involved in engaged management research and evidence-based management around the world. The EMS conference is the preeminent venue for sharing the research and knowledge produced in professional business doctorate programs.

This year's Conference was held in Paris, France, September 8-11, 2016, organized by Professor Pierre Volle and hosted by the University of Paris-Dauphine, a founding member of the EDBA Council.

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