Announcing Finance Down Under 2014 eJournal

In cooperation with the University of Melbourne, the Financial Economics Network (FEN) is pleased to announce the Finance Down Under 2014 Building on the Best from the Cellars of Finance eJournal. This eJournal is available to all subscribers at no charge and contains abstracts of the meeting papers with links to the full text in the SSRN eLibrary.

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"Finance Down Under (FDU): Building on the Best from the Cellars of Finance" is an annual academic conference organized by the Department of Finance at the University of Melbourne. The conference is held every March in delightful late-summer Melbourne. FDU accepts submissions that embody the best in current theoretical and empirical research in all areas of finance. The conference selection committee includes eminent scholars in every facet of finance around the world. With the help of the selection committee, we strive to provide a highly reputable conference program that is internationally renowned for excellent presentations and discussions. Most importantly, our unique conference format includes a special symposium along with keynote speeches built around 'vintage' work in finance that has withstood the test of time and continued to inspire current research.

FDU has been quickly becoming one of more prestigious "boutique" conferences among finance academics. The conference runs over three days. It usually begins with a welcome function at one of Melbourne's best function venues on Thursday evening. Friday includes 3 parallel tracks of paper sessions, plus lunch and culminating in a wine reception at another venue in the evening. Saturday morning's special session usually includes a breakfast, followed by departure for a half-day wine tour of the local wine country in a grand networking opportunity with academics from around the world. The conference concludes with awards dinner Saturday evening.

This year, submissions again reached record levels in both quantity and quality. Out of several hundred submissions, only 21 papers were selected to the final program after vetting by our distinguished 86-member program committee. These 21 papers from all areas in finance received high ratings from the program committee, and we had academics from leading universities in the U.S., Europe, Asia and Australia providing discussions on the accepted papers.

In our special symposium on the last day, FDU celebrated the 30th anniversary of Myers and Majluf's 1984 classic paper "Corporate financing and investment decisions when firms have information that investors do not have". We were honored to have Professor Stewart Myers as well as Professors Paolo Fulghieri and Ron Giammarino as keynote speakers, who made an excellent speech separately about the importance and influence of the 1984 paper and related topics throughout the conference.

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Michael C. Jensen
Financial Economics Network

Posted 4/17/14